Sunday, December 1, 2013

Love Addiction

Love Addiction is the process of being addicted to love. This is not the same as normal love in that the Love Addict is addicted to the process of love, but is deathly afraid of intimacy. Love addiction is a type of codependency and is related to any other kind of addiction, including compulsive eating, smoking, drinking or taking drugs. When you're in love, chemicals course through your veins that feel like a high. It is possible to become addicted to those chemicals--even if you're with the wrong guy.

Love addiction is commonly found in people, both men and woman, who were neglected or abandoned as children. The love addict has needs left over from childhood that they try to get resolved through their adult relationships. Unfortunately, the love addict chooses partners who will neglect and abandon them just like they were in childhood.

There are two sides to love addiction, one is the love addict and the other is the love avoidant. The love addict wants and needs love, however, being fearful of intimacy, he or she is attracted to those who are unable to give the love that's desired. The love avoidant is also fearful of intimacy, fearful of closeness, afraid of being engulfed. The love avoidant is still dependent on the love addict.

The key to resolving love addiction is first, knowing what it is. Our culture perpetuates love addiction in songs, movies and entertainment. Many are love addicted without even realizing it. There are 12 step programs that can help people who are love addicted as well. Your route to healing is up to you.

What is missing in the love addicted person is a strong sense of self, and self love. The love addict is more focused on what is outside him or herself in order to feel okay. A true, whole, healthy, mature person realizes that while it's good to be loved by another person, that love comes from within and is shared among another healthy person.

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