Jenna Ryan Quotes

You protect what you love. #SelfLove

You can't replace what you're missing with the approval of others. #SelfLoveU #LoveYourself #Boundaries #Recovery #Healing

When you love yourself,
the whole world FLOWERS with love. #SelfLoveU 

Putting your own approval into the hands of any other is Self Abandonment.

 The taker can only take those parts of ourselves that we give away. Jenna Ryan Quotes #narcissism #strength #healing #selflove

Do not ask questions of others that you should be answering for yourself. ~ Jenna Ryan

The TAKER does not think like you; or care about your feelings, they see no problem with lying, and using your good heart against you. Remember this and keep your distance. ~ Jenna Ryan 

Gratitude brings you more of what you're grateful for.

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