Sunday, December 1, 2013

Unmet Needs vs. Authentic Needs

The Power of Knowing Your Feeling and Needs - Nonviolent Communication

"I like the way my trainer describes challenging emotions as guideposts to underlying needs.  Danger!  There’s a need that’s not being met.  That’s when suffering can begin."

"Uncomfortable feelings are really a cover up for unmet needs.  By following the emotional trail, you’re able to find the unmet need."

Are You Emotionally Dependent? Dr. Margaret Paul

Authentic Needs:  

"I need for you to want to spend time with me - sharing love and affection with me, connecting with me from your heart and soul, being open to learning and growing with me and playing and having fun with me. I need for you to be honest with me and to care about the effect your behavior has on me. I need to know that you support my highest good."

'Needs' Coming From Emotional Dependency

"I need your attention."
"I need your approval."
"I need for you to have sex with me when I want sex."
"I need you to make me feel lovable and worthy."
"I need you to make me feel secure."
"I need you to make me feel important."
"I need you to fill my emptiness."
"I need you to make me feel special."
"It is your job to make me happy."

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