Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nonviolent Communication

"NVC guides us to focus our consciousness on four areas. First, we observe what is happening within and around us without judging or evaluating. Second, we identify what we are feeling, as opposed to what we are thinking or how we are interpreting the situation. Third, we uncover the needs that are at the root of our feelings and express them clearly. Fourth, we request that another person take an action that might fulfill our needs and enrich our lives, without demanding that the person satisfy our request in order to avoid judgment or punishment from us."

Nonviolent Communication

The components of nonviolent communication are relatively simple and straightforward. There is a four-part process that consists of

1) making an observation,
2) identifying any feelings,
3) expressing needs, and
4) making a life-affirming request.

The other point of nonviolent communication is to express honestly and receive empathetically, creating a space in which direct, true, open-hearted, non-judgmental, non-confrontational communication can take place.

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NonViolent Communication

How to Practice Nonviolent Communication

1. State the observations that are leading you to feel the need to say something.
This should be factual observations with no judgment. 

2. State the feeling that the observation is triggering in you.
Naming the feeling without moral judgement enables you to connect in a spirit of mutual respect and

3. State the NEED that is causing that feeling, or try to guess the need of the other person.

4. Make a concrete request for action to meet the need just identified.

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