Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gather Yourself & Walk Away

 By: Sherrie Campbell, PhD
Change is the essence of life. When we are in a place of feeling lost, scared, rejected or left behind this is the Universe meddling so we don't settle into a place that is too small for us. We may not know our next destination and we may not feel as if we wanted to leave where we were but move on we must when we are called to do so. Stand tall to this challenge. It is worth your effort and growth. What we learn, if we are determined, is that we all have the power to get up and move on. Sometimes it may look or feel impossible but it is not. It is in us. There is not a better feeling than proving to yourself that you have the staying power and tough-mindedness to get up and keep walking. There is so much life out there and so many amazing people and opportunities waiting to enter to bring you love and new life..higher levels of love and life than what you have had before. As you love yourself and you find the elegance within you that will hold you strong, you can stand tall, know your worth and count on yourself to make it through. Giving up is an option but it will get you nowhere. To be tough-minded is to be deliberate about making your life the life YOU want and deserve to have! Love yourself.

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