Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let Go

To be healthy we need to not allow people who do so little for us occupy so much of our emotional and mental space. We cannot fly if we have relationship anchors holding us down. It is very easy to get stuck in wanting people to be the versions of them we think they can be, that they presented themselves to be, or who we think they should be or maybe who we even thought they were. 
Challenging times are the great indicator of if someone is in your life because they truly love you or if they are in your life to get what they need from you. If someone leaves when a difficult challenge arises you can be clear they were in your life to get what they needed from you for themselves. We can get stuck emotionally and mentally in grieving over these people not understanding how they could have turned out like this when we thought so deeply they were genuine in the love and intentions towards us. 
When this obsessing takes over emotionally and mentally is when we need to discipline and apply our self-loving skills to let go and persevere. Time brings the insight to see them clearly at which point you will be able to be grateful for the experience and lesson learned. You will see as you heal that the gaping hole they left in your life and heart will be filled to the brim with new people, experiences, loves and opportunities. If you stay stuck obsessing over the unfairness of these types of relationships you make no room for the new and you cannot fly. Let go, leap and spread your have higher places, people and opportunities waiting to fill you up.

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