Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stand Your Ground

Sherrie Campbell, PhD - Yorba Linda, CA

Sherrie Campbell, PhD

We have to love ourselves. This is the most important thing we can offer ourselves and others. Nothing outside of us is consistent and much of what is outside of us hurts. We have one life to live, and we need to choose wisely who we decide to live this life with. When we love ourselves we are more likely to find a loving world. And, when the world isn't loving then we can still go inside and love ourselves until whatever negativity is outside of us passes and changes form. We need to be protective of ourselves and take care of ourselves so we have the courage to let go of what and who brings us down. Never be a push-over. Be who you are bravely and with conviction. When we get pushed-over we are not being self-loving. Stand strong in who you are and in what is right for you. You have a right to say no. You have a right to walk away from those who do not treat you with respect. You have the right to love yourself. It isn't selfish. It is only selfish to be self-centered and to not care how you impact others. To be self-loving is fundamentally different. To be self-loving means you have choice and awareness...if something or someone in your life is making you feel must stand your ground. Standing your ground is self-preservation. You have this is your life.

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