Monday, August 18, 2014

Accepting What Is...

The cause for suffering is from not accepting WHAT IS... When we accept things the way they are, in this present moment, we can take action to change what we can, and if we can't change it, then we can surrender to what is (change our reaction). It's a farce to think that by fighting What Is we can change it. We can't change what is by being angry at reality. Reality wins every battle. In fact, since we are co-creators of this life we live, our attention to what we're not wanting causes it to grow bigger. The key is SURRENDER. There is such peace in surrender. Every religion teaches this. FORGIVENESS. Surrendering to what is, acceptance of what is, GRATITUDE, appreciating what is, right now is the only path to the happiness and joy you're fighting to obtain. Just let go and let it be... take the action you can, but take it merrily, with a grateful heart... then what can be can come to you. Fighting what you don't want pushes what you do want away. Embracing What Is positions you to receive what you're wanting.

Jenna Ryan This became clearer to me tonight in Yoga Practice. I've been studying acceptance of What Is, but it didn't make much sense. Then Maryline Gengoux said, "Surrender to the pose," and it clicked. Then I actually surrendered a couple of times during some hard moments and it felt like I was walking on air. Some harder poses became a lot less difficult when I quit fighting it. Thanks! 

Jenna Ryan based on teachings by Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Helen Schucman & my Yoga Instructor, Maryline Gengoux

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Feel it to Heal It

Don't be afraid of the pain. Avoiding the pain in your heart does nothing but delay the inevitable. You are stronger than you think you are, and the pain is not as devastating as you think it is. If you'll just take the time to sit with yourself, to nurture yourself through the pain, you will find the most beautiful truth that is banging on the door of your heart. The pain you feel is a knock. Knock. Knock. There is something you should know. Something that will help you overcome. Something brilliant, beautiful and true on the other side of pain. Don't run. Don't hide. Don't medicate. Just accept, love yourself and allow yourself to be. It's your thoughts about the pain that make it so scary. Change your thoughts and embrace where you are--and things that were once really hard for you will become your greatest triumphs. Jenna Ryan

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Thoughts on Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks. Many may wonder about my fascination with this "woman." For a long time I shunned her work because I felt it was abase, based upon my Christian, Biblical background. There came a point, however, when I ventured to hear one of her videos without judgment.

It took me a great while to be able to listen without judgment. My Super Ego so strong within my psyche. But one day, after much interpersonal battle, I was released in my own mind to push play on one of her YouTube videos on Pinterest.

There I experienced an outpouring of one of her renowned (among her followers) "Appreciation Rampages." Being a skeptic, I was instantly intrigued by her certainty and confidence--not to mention the pure truth which resonated from her soul. How could this be? It was against everything I'd ever been taught. Taboo. Evil. Or so they say.

Time progressed and I had more questions than I had answers. This quest for truth (and personal healing) pushed me beyond the borders of the acceptable, while at the same time my own mind opened up beyond the borders peer approval. I gained the courage to glance again at what I once thought to be a "pillar of salt."

Within her videos and teachings I have found a truth that has not been presented to me in so clear a fashion. Fascinated by her cognitions, I integrated the simple steps into my life and saw immediate, irrefutable proof that what she's teaching is pure truth.

She is on the leading edge of creation. Not everyone is ready for such. I was ready. I needed it, not only for well being, but just to survive. I needed the cognitive restructuring that her truths offer. I will continue to learn from her until I am personally released.

Jesus says, "You will know them by their fruit." Matt 7:16  This fruit is ripe and absolutely undeniable--if you dare to taste it.  Though it might not suit the conformity of the mega-church, it definitely helps me day-to-day. No guts, no glory.

I don't care that she's says she's channeling. This is not the point. She could be channeling Scoobie Doo for all I care.  I think that's the barrier to entry, so to speak. You've got to be open minded enough not to be appalled by the taboo of her so-called origins. If you can't get beyond that, you surely won't understand her very simplistic teachings about how the world really works. Personally, I don't give a shit. I just know, this bitches shit works. It really, really works.

And that's what matters to me. And that's the way I live my life. I don't give a crap if it fits your doctrine. I don't give a crap what her doctrine is. What I do care about is can I take it to the bank? Do your words, your truths, your information help me to feel better, to live a better life, to love more, to be a better person??? That's more important to me than all the jibber-jabberish in the world. And to Abraham Hicks, I say, ALL KUDOS. Thank you, I am forever in your debt.