Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Don't Force It

You can't force life. You are not in control. Trying to make something happen when it's not happening is a lesson in futility. Blaming yourself, wondering where you went wrong, blaming others, feeling like crap, feeling less-than because something didn't work as planned is taking on more responsibility than you have. Sometimes things happen. Sometimes things don't work out. Trying to force things to happen the way you want it to leads to a big, huge mess.

I know you want things to work out your way. I know you want to be in a relationship, or you want to succeed in that industry, or you want to get that job or make that friend, but sometimes the answer is no. You have zero control of the cause and effect of things outside of yourself. You only have control of you. The sooner you learn to let go and let life flow, the faster you'll be to your next good moment.

Realize when things are not going your way, sometimes that means that something better is out there for you. It doesn't mean that all is lost. Tune into the lesson in every situation. It is the lessons we learn when we stay open to life that take us higher and guide us to the next step.

Forcing things just screws your life up. When you stay longer than you're supposed to stay, when you mold yourself into something you're not, when you let go of your truth to fit into some scenario that's not your own, you become a fake person... just a flake of your true self.

When you try to get people to change, win people over, make the world realize that you're correct, try to get people to understand, get approval before you continue or do anything that involves manipulating and controlling how others think or feel about you or anything, you are forcing things that are not yours to force. You are weaving a web to trap yourself in. No need! Just release, let go, let things flow. Don't force. Trust that the God of your understanding is leading you to your Highest Good

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