Monday, December 30, 2013

Accentuate the Positive

By Jenna Ryan
Humans are problem solvers. We're evolving and advancing. When we see a circumstance or a person, our first inclination by default is to see what's wrong, to see what needs to be fixed. Most of what we see in others is what we don't like in ourselves. We can't bare to see junk in ourselves, so we project it onto others and hate them for it. The problem is, looking at the problems causes us to attract more problems into our lives. It's called a rut. Our attention/intention/focus is where we bear fruit. If you sow by looking at only the negative aspects, you will reap negative fruit. However, if you train your mind to focus on the positive in everyone and everything, with appreciation and gratitude, then you're not only loving yourself by not projecting gunk all over the place, but you're loving everyone else which boomarangs back to you--AND you are attracting more positive into your life. If you sow gratitude and appreciation, you will reap more of that which you're thankful for. So make lists of the positive things about others.... Bask in gratitude and greatfulness. This is what I'm remembering and focusing on today. It's going to be an AMAZING DAY!!!

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