Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trust Yourself

I love this post by Sherrie Campbell because it reiterates what I was thinking myself lately. You have to learn to trust your heart, no matter what. Sometimes that means going in the wrong direction, but the important thing is that you trusted you, and you can never practice if you don't start somewhere...
 By Sherrie Campbell, PhD
Why do we doubt ourselves so often? So often we don't use our own inner wisdom for our answers. We are always looking outside. We either want others to make decisions so we don't have to be responsible for them, or we are too afraid to make any decisions and so we wait. In either situation happiness is not likely because we are not in charge. Happiness comes from trusting ourselves. If we cannot trust ourselves to be deliberate about our own happiness then we cannot expect to cultivate it. Trusting ourselves may mean we take a few wrong turns until we set our compass straight. Mistakes can be extremely painful but if we take them and learn they are no longer mistakes but wisdom guides. Remember that most people outside of you have an agenda when they are advising and that agenda may have more to do with them then with you. Take the advice in, but check inside yourself if this is a decision that is in line with your authentic desires. What if their agenda isn't correct for you and you go off and make an ill advised decision which destroys your life...then how do you fix it? Most don't. Most avoid at this point and do nothing, not knowing how to take responsibility for their hastiness. The value of loving yourself is you must be brave enough to screw up your life now and again, take responsibility for it, re-set your compass and try again. Each time you have the courage to trust your own insights, the better the decisions in life you will make. It is well worth it to be brave and risk being wrong to learn how to be happy.

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