Saturday, February 6, 2016

Transmuting Emotional Pain

I'm such a nerd. I pick up every little emotional ache and pain and inquire into myself as to why it exists. I journal about it, writing down all my thoughts. I read books about it, I read internet forums, medical abstracts, websites and whatever else I can get my hands on to figure out a solution to my problem, a healing balm for my emotional pain. I've never once failed to come up with an answer once I start inquiring. The universe brings me information and usually the journey takes me down paths of unraveling and discovery so complete that several layers of my truth gets emancipated. Fake false ego parts of me fall off, no longer needed as I take each and every ache and pain to the alter of self inquiry.

 I actually get a kick out of my emotional pain now, I'm so used to the integration of it for my own benefit. When I have no pain, I have nothing to really study so it's somewhat boring. But when I come across a pain in myself, or now in my significant-other relationship, I have something to chew on... something that I will transmute through diligence into a thing of beauty, another piece of me, of my truth will come to light. I think behind every pain we feel inside, there is an equally refreshing truth underneath. The deeper the pain, the deeper the freedom once faced and understood with compassion.

It's like an interesting puzzle, diving into the depths of my psyche, and into the collective conscious through books and the internet, to discover answers that will help untwist, unlock, release any lies that hold me captive and cause the pain. Psychological pain is simply your heart telling you that a lie has been programmed into your psyche hard drive. This discomfort and dis-ease is a signal like a lighthouse on the shores of the ocean telling you which way is home. Go towards the pain. Allow yourself to feel it. Offer yourself compassion. Your answers are there in the middle of the ache.

 Once you get past the pain layer there you will find a beautiful fragrant peace, openness underneath. You just have to trust the process and feel the pain involved with facing whatever it is that is hurting you. Whatever lies have been programmed into your mind. Lies cause pain. Pain signals where the lies are embedded. Go to the pain, feel the pain, seek answers from the pain, therein you will find freedom beyond your wildest dreams... Like a deep breath after years of shallow.

 ~ Jenna Ryan - Feb. 6, 2016