Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life is a Classroom

By Jenna Ryan February 25, 2014

Life is a classroom where we learn to be who we are--extensions of the divine, of great love and awesome power to move mountains. ~ Jenna Ryan

Knowing is present tense. Faith is knowing even before manifestation. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen". Hebrews 11:1 Faith (believing before manifestation) is your power to create on this planet. 

Problems are distractions from the knowledge of your full power as the creator of your life. Strength comes by focusing your faith/power and overcoming obstacles. You have everything you need to fly RIGHT NOW. You're not missing a thing. You must only realize your power to make your own life happen. Lift off. You are pure potential. 

YOU. YOU. YOU are a vessel of power, a wellspring of answers, a universe of expansion lies within you. Go inside.

The understanding of the power of your thoughts is like fire, then electricity... You have untapped power inside of you.

Finding the right thought and holding it steady is like a treasure hunt leading to your destiny.  

That which to hate expands that which to love. Evil expands good. Death expands life.

As life has seasons, so does the spirit. As life has ages, so does the spirit. Divisions amongst God expands that which to love.

You were created to tap into the divine within and pour out its riches to the younger ones.

The way to fulfill your burning desires is not the way you think. No. It will take different thought--that you must find--to get there.

Whenever you are ready, your suddenly will come.

Your faith is your power to move mountains and manifest the truth of who you are, that burning desire in your heart.

You can spread your wings and fly right now simply by choosing to do so. You can choose the feeling & lightness as you soar to your dreams.

YOU can spread your wings and fly right now. Contrary to what you think, you don't have to go back to the beginning & get what you missed.

If you don't think it's holding you back, it's not. If you think it's holding you back, it is. So STOP IT.

Whatever you feel is holding you back is only holding you back because you feel it. Dismiss the notion and watch the obstacle melt away.

You are the very heartbeat of God.

Whatever obstacle you face, whatever thorn in your side is the weight which builds strength for fulfilling the purpose of your life.

Faith is knowing before seeing, feeling before being and believing before manifesting. ~ Jenna Ryan

FAITH is knowing BEFORE it reaches the 5 senses. Belief that moves mountains occurs in the realm of power that you can't see, taste, touch, hear, smell--yet...  

Mastery of the realm of possibility is the main purpose of life, tapping into the divine & expanding its power by faith unto manifestation.

Whatever you were born to carry out will require that you take the leap from the here, now and into the realm of possibility.

The burning desire in your heart to be more, do more, see more is a divine purpose that you were born to carry out.

Obstacles in your way represent the divide between what you see today and what is truly possible for your life if you raise your expectation

The leap of faith required to reach your dreams is a vast divide between knowing what you see now, and believing in your own power to create

Your dreams lie on the other side of knowing that you have the power to foster beliefs that align with your wishes to usher you in.

The bridge from feeling to knowing is the pathway to the divine, owning the power that lies within to create a life that you dreamed up.

If you want to feel the satisfaction of the manifestation of your heart's desire, you must know it before it comes to past.

Satisfaction is the feeling that comes when you experience your heart's desire. To reach for your hearts desire, you must only line up with the FEELING of satisfaction BY FAITH. 

Satisfaction is a feeling that comes from seeing the evidence before it manifests.

Feeling is reaching, knowing is grasping. You feel your way to knowing.

Faith is the feeling before knowing.

Knowing is present tense. Faith is knowing even before manifestation.

You FEEL loving another because you can't get out of yourself and truly know the other. (Not in the actual sense), but you KNOW their love.

How does it feel to be loved? You don't feel it. You know it.

FEELING leads to knowing. 

Feeling is on the path to knowing.

Knowing is the solid form of feeling.
Life is a classroom that teaches the willing who you are, and the power that lies hidden within. You must seek it to find it. Find it by searching for the right thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Being Desperate

“Being desperate for validation and affirmation, I projected what I needed to see into relationships, and invested trust hastily. One of the fruits of my recovery is recognizing how I'd a tendency to romanticize many of my relationships as much deeper and more significant than they actually were, and learned to stop doing so, for my own well being.”

Ron Schulz

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Origins of Emotion - Limbic System

It is these same nuclei which later in life are involved in the ability to feel love (as well as hate and anger) for a loved one. That is, the limbic system controls the basic aspects of emotion, love, hate, anger, rage, fear, pleasure, as well as biological drives, hunger, thirst and even the capacity to experience orgasm during sex. Because during early in life biological drives can only be satisfied through a primary caretaker, that other limbic emotions also become aroused. 

It is these same brain regions which can make a person feel like killing a loved one if they have an affair or decide to end a relationship when the other loved one is still firmly attached and unwilling to let go. That is, if a person who has met primary needs for love, affection and physical intimacy were to leave, or want to end the affair, the limbic system responds in characteristic fashion, with frustration, anger, rage, and overwhelming feelings of unhappiness. 

Attachment Maternal Love Intimacy (Incredible Article) 

Amygdala  - Enables you to feel love, affection, happiness, controls all aspects of emotion including social emotional behavior. Could be damaged in people with autism.

Stimulation = Extreme fear could be rage, sexual

Constantly scanning environment for individuals, objects, items that are emotional significance.

Facial neurons in amygdala as well is temporal lobe to recognize happy or sad faces.

Fires when you locate something that's good to eat.

Assigns emotional significance to everything you see, hear, feel.

Without amygdala, you wouldn't be able to discern emotion, male or female.

You have a right and a left amygdala

Facial recognition. Determine if male/female. Is male smiling? Female frowning.

18% larger in females. 35% larger in homosexuals.

Females superior at discerning emotions potentially due to amygdala. Females have social emotional abilities. Males have limited abilities to express or notice. Females are social emotional geniuses.

Seat of social emotional intelligence. Directly linked to the stratum, located in frontal lobe, motor area.

If you stimulate amygdala, creates fear. Kicking, punching, etc...

emotional memory

searches for things that are of motivational significance


Saturday, February 15, 2014

You Have Permission

Growing up the way I did, with a step-father who was a huge disciplinarian to the point of being abusive, I learned somehow that my lot in life was to be sad, bad and undeserving. I was conditioned to believe that I couldn't have fun, couldn't enjoy my life, couldn't embrace the totality of my vitality. He forced me to deny my pleasure, deny my wants, needs and anything that made me individual.

As an adult who is healing, I see that in many ways I've carried this abusive, punishing parental figure with me in my heart. This voice I cannot hear, but that underlies my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This voice tells me that it's not okay to be happy. It's not okay to be equal. It's not okay to enjoy life. It's not okay to be who I am. This critical voice tells me that it's not okay to shine. Not okay to experience my truth.

While soul searching I found the root of this voice, the one that tells me that I deserve to be punished, that I am unworthy and incapable of complete fulfillment. I discovered that beneath the lies that I was taught to believe about myself there is a core of pure love--the source of my existence. This pure love, this source, this truth of who I am was not thwarted by the false teachings. This truth of who I am was only silenced for a time, but it is still alive and well. This is my personal power. Now that I am aware, I can tap into this truth and experience it in some ways for the first time.

The truth is that I AM WORTHY. I am pure love. I am valuable. I am capable. I am competent. I am equal to the rest of humanity. I am able to experience pure joy and pure bliss. I am able to tap into this truth of who I am and allow every part of me to live fully and experience this truth that is me.

I have permission from my truth, this source of my existence to be who I am. All I need to do is realize it. The punishing father taught me to deny my truth, to deny my right to completeness. Though I was taught to deny my essence, today I have the power and authority to override the negative voices and give myself permission to be who I am. Today I give myself permission to be happy, to live fully and to be equal. You can too.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Healing Spiral

Shame Spiral

"The irony I am learning is that those qualities I felt I lacked, are the very ones I might possess in spades." ~ Simon (part)

If you're caught in a shame spiral, Brené Brown says, there are three things you can start doing today to break the cycle: talking to yourself like you talk to someone you love, reaching out to someone you trust, and telling your story. Watch as Brené shares the number one antidote to shame.

The Reason I Am Single

THE REASON I AM SINGLE is that I've had to work on myself. Relationships are tough for some people. If you have any unhealed parts, it makes it's way into the relationship and destroys it. Either that or you choose the wrong person for the wrong reasons and that never lasts. It's taken me a long time and grueling work to heal. I've had to learn to love myself and my precious life enough to handle being loved by another. It's a delicate balance of letting love in without needing it. Some of you are natural lovers. Kudos! Some of us do the best we can. You play the hand you're dealt. I still have hope, but that hope is in me standing strong--not in finding a savior to make me worthy. I'm a work in progress and oh so grateful to have come so far.

Happy Valentines Day!!! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Do Narcissists Post Selfies?

I think a true Narcissist is too busy trying to be cooler than everyone else to do a selfie. The true narcissists I know would never stoop so low as to do a selfie. It takes a sweet, humble spirit to expose your face to the world. You can't be too concerned with flaws, or what others think. That's a few traits the narcissist just doesn't have.

The true Narcissist (especially the malignant, blood-sucking kind) is too good for everything and everyone. Though some selfie-takers may have narcissistic qualities; this does not a Narcissist make. Some narcissism is healthy. A true narcissist looks down on others and thinks he/she is too good for everything--although, deep down they have no Self. 

Some who take selfies are Narcs. They come in many forms, sometimes it's hard to tell at first because they're so charming, but hang around them long enough and you'll see that their image comes before dignity, truth, love, respect, relationships. Their image is all they have. They won't take a chance on cheap selfies. They get professional photo shoots done.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

No Compromise

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When it comes to negotiations, you can't always be nice. If you're too nice, people will walk all over you. It's counter intuitive. You think if you want to come to an agreement that you must be really nice and show your good nature, but unfortunately, that's not the way the world works. You have to hold your own. You must realize that your merchandise is good and be willing to let people walk away if they don't like what you're offering, or if they won't compromise. If they like what you have enough, if the benefits of your product meet their needs enough, they'll come up to the plate and accept your terms. If they're only remotely interested, they'll walk. Let them! There's someone else out there willing to pay the price for the valuable thing you offer.

You can't be too nice. You can be cordial. You can be respectful, but too nice does not gain respect. People will try to squeeze all they can out of you. You can't be nice, no--not when you're negotiating for money. You've got to have a different posture all together. As a Realtor, I have to be nice all day. I have great customer service, but when it comes to the sale, and dealing with buyers who want to purchase a property, I have to turn into a completely different person. Nice girl has to fly out the window... In comes the tough, strong, hard-nose, ball-buster. Anything less gets you raked over the coals.

In negotiations you have to be tough. You have to be secure. You have to know that you know that your merchandise is good, and that your terms are fair. Then, you have to stick by your terms and keep reiterating to the other party your position. You have to let them know, under no uncertain terms, what you will and will not tolerate. They can never sense an ounce of desperation, or else. Or else, they'll lose respect and try to take everything they can from you.

You can't be afraid to be cocky in negotiations. While the atmosphere is pleasant, you've got to be stern and not be afraid to say what is necessary to get your point across. If the other person walks, so be it. Let them walk without everything but the kitchen sink with them. Letting them go is better than going broke trying to please them.

People sense weakness. When you're unsure of the value of your product, or when you overreact to a mistake or give too much, people will see it as weakness and try to take advantage of the situation. It's human nature. Not everyone is compassionate or willing to reciprocate. Some just want to get all they can.

In negotiations you have to put a stop to all the getting and stand firm in terms that are most beneficial to you. Of course, everything is relative. Your negotiation ability rests on the current market conditions, supply and demand, and other factors, but within your realm of ability, you've got to give it all you've got.

Why am I talking about negotiations? Because it reminds me so much of boundaries. Boundaries are very similar to negotiations. With boundaries you're telling people, "This is who I am, this is what I will tolerate, take it or leave it." The price being paid is the respect and honor. The terms you require is the treatment you tolerate.

Never be afraid to hold your own with your boundaries. You are worth it. Never be afraid to be hard nosed when it comes to defending your right to be treated well. You deserve it. Nobody will respect you, love you and treat you right if you don't hold your own. How others treat you is totally dependent upon what you tolerate. No more, no less.

There is a line that you must draw with other people and how they treat you. You get to decide where that line is. There must be a place inside of you that will never bend. No compromise.

Real vs. Pseudo Intimacy

HUMAN CONNECTION: We have all these artificial ways of connecting, pseudo-connection, not real. You know? Like, marketing to people when really you need friendship, emailing when you need to talk, drinking when you need to cry, sex when you need understanding, drama when you need appreciation. Gossip when you're hurt. Fake instead of real, pretending you don't need anything. Ignoring your human need so that you never appear to need anything or anyone because of the messed up notion that needing is weakness. Rejection may kill you, so you stay in a shell close your heart and go about pretending. I want to be real, people. Don't sell me anything. Don't turn relating with me into a transaction. Let's be human! Let's be vulnerable! Let's share our feelings! Let's connect. Take a risk! You may get hurt, but you won't die--and you just may get what you need. XO

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Are You Strong Enough to Love

Here is an incredible article written by one of my favorite self love/healing authors, Margaret Paul, PhD. Are You Strong Enough to Love? This article speaks to me in a number of ways. I hope it does you too.

I once read a story that greatly impacted me.

A man (I will call him Sam) was visiting his friend (I will call him Michael). They were walking down the streets of London to get breakfast when they passed a man selling newspapers. Michael gave the newsman a warm greeting, but the man just scowled back at him.

"Surly fellow," said Sam.

"Oh, he's like that every morning," replied Michael.

"Then why do you keep giving him a warm greeting?" asked Sam.

"Why should I let him determine who I want to be?" replied Michael.

Michael was strong enough to love.

What this means is that Michael was strong enough within himself to not be a reactive person. He was strong enough to not take the newsman's behavior personally. He was not afraid of rejection.
In order to not be reactive, not take the newsman's behavior personally, and not be fearful of rejection, Michael had to have reached a place in his own inner healing and growth where he loved and valued himself.

Becoming strong enough to love means that you know who you are in your soul essence, and you know, love and value your true self. It means that you do not define yourself by your ego, but by your Being. When you are able to know who you are in your soul essence and you love and value yourself, then you are able to see, love and value others.

We cannot see the beauty in others when we are rejecting ourselves. When we allow others to define our worth, then of course we take it personally when someone rejects us -- because we have already rejected ourselves. We then become reactive to others' unloving behavior, trying to control them or avoid our own pain by getting angry, blaming, complying, resisting or withdrawing. Of course, none of this is loving, but we cannot be loving -- as Michael was -- when we are judging and rejecting ourselves rather than loving and valuing ourselves.

How to Become Strong Enough to Love

Try this little exercise:
Close your eyes and imagine that you can see yourself as an infant or a very small child. Imagine you can see this child through the eyes of a very loving presence. If you had someone in your life who really loved you, then imagine them. If not, then imagine a wise, powerful and loving being who deeply loves you.

How would this loving presence describe you as this child -- before you were ever hurt, before you ever became afraid? You might even have to go back to being in the womb, since for some babies, pain started very early.

Were you loving, feisty, curious, compassionate, kind, rambunctious? Were you quiet or loud, introverted or extroverted? Write down the adjectives that come to mind as you look at yourself through the eyes of the loving presence.

This is your essence -- your soul self. Is there anything about this child that isn't deserving of love? Even if you were born with physical problems, does this mean you weren't worthy of loving? Is it possible for any baby to not be deserving of love?

If you were to start taking loving care of yourself the way you would take care of a beloved child, you would eventually become strong enough to love others. It has to start with loving yourself, because if you are not loving yourself, then you will be always trying to get love from others, rather than sharing your love with others.
Why not begin today learning to be become strong enough to love others, by learning to love yourself?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You Create the World You Live In

I found this on the instagram of a really amazing Yogi. yoga_girl - Funny thing is, it is my thoughts almost exactly... It's what I wanted to say, she said it now so I don't have to. This is true!!! 

Keys to Having a Good Life

You create the world you live in. The people you encounter on your path are there not by chance, but because you brought them to you. The experiences you are having and the situations you are facing are here because you made it so. You are a powerful being with the possibility to manifest anything you like, but most of us do this unconsciously. (I say, by default because we don't realize our own power...)

Depending on what you focus your thoughts and your energy on, your life situation will change - for better or for worse. What does your life look like right now? Are you at peace and content with where you are? Are you manifesting a life of love? Or are you manifesting a life of fear? By becoming aware of your thoughts and realizing the power you have over your life situation, you can start to manifest good instead of bad. 

Focus on what you want to create instead of what you lack. It's very logical - by thinking negative thoughts (I am not good enough/I don't have enough/I am unhappy) you will have a negative outlook on life, thus attracting more negative experiences into your space. It's a viscous cycle, and you need to stop it right away. Begin from where you are. 

 There is beauty in your life. Connect to it. Be positive and grateful for the blessings you have. Be here. Don't dwell in the past. Stop thinking in terms of "should have" "could have" or "it would have been better if" - You are where you are! You cannot change what was in the past. Why focus on something you cannot possibly do anything about? What you can do, however, is change your present. It's here, where you are. This is it. Life is now. 

Change your life situation by being compassionate, by staying positive, by forgiving, by focusing on love and light and space and gratitude and abundance and happiness. What you direct your energy towards, you attract more of. Meditate on the magical, breathtaking beauty of the world and soon that magic will be part of your everyday life. So. 

What are you manifesting today?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

People Freak Out on Vibrations - Gosh!!!

Facebook Friend: I am dumbfounded as to why I have had 3 men direct message me on Facebook in the past 2 weeks suggesting we get together for drinks. In each case, their profile clearly states "married". So weird.... Sorry, but I'm just not interested.

Your vibration must need alignment with your truth. Some kind of split energy. 

Facebook Friend: Heavy, Jenna 

That's exactly what it is! You are a powerful co-creator of your own reality. You pull the people towards you that are in exact alignment with your feelings (vibrations). If you want to know what to work on personally, just look at 1. How you feel and 2. What is manifesting.

Jenna Ryan I'm saying that you're more powerful than you realize. Maybe there is a part of you that is unavailable and so you're attracting unavailability? This has been my own personal experience that I have dealt with. 
Empowerment is about realizing your power to draw things to you or push them away vibrationally, that is, simply from the beliefs you're emitting. Our lives are controlled by our beliefs. The only difference between a prisoner and an Olympian is beliefs.
People don't realize how much their vibrational offerings attract things into their experience. If you're a sour puss, you're gonna attract sour pusses. If you see the world as loving and open, then you'll attract that. Your life today is a manifestation of your beliefs/feelings about what you deserve. What I'm finding and that the world is waking up to is that your beliefs don't just effect your experience on a big picture/macro level, but also down to the synchronicity of day-to-day experiences at the micro-level. You attract people into your life with your own vibrations. It's a holographic universe, what you put out you get back. Boomarang, Karma. Default vibrations bring crap, fine-tuned vibrations bring your dreams, visions and desires as soon as you're vibration matches that which you want to manifest.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

Boundaries Bring Respect

I found this old blog post on another blog that I've since made private. I decided to post it here because it's pretty darn good and may help someone... Namaste 

When you set a boundary with someone and that person walks away, you can be sure you did the right thing. If someone walks away when you set a boundary, it means that their intentions were foul from the get-go. It's just as well that someone who doesn't respect you just keep walking out the door.

If you set a boundary and someone aggressively ignores it, you know it's time for you to assert yourself, give consequences and stick to those consequences. 

Setting boundaries is your own responsibility. No one else on this planet is responsible for protecting your own inner-resources. No one can do it for you. You must stand up and put a barrier between you, your goodness, your virtue, your friendship, your attention, your everything--and the world.

My background, as many of you know, has been wrought in abuse.  I learned to believe that I had no rights. I had to do anything and everything that my abusers--or anyone else--wanted me to do. In fact, I was conditioned to believe that not only must I give into anyone who wanted anything from me, but also, that it was my job to PROVE to that person that I was a "nice person," a "good girl" and worthy of love. I was taught to be a nothing. I was taught to give myself away to anyone who demanded it. Child abuse caused me to think, act and feel like I was worthless.

Today that has all changed. I am a new person now. I have gone back through the mess--all the lies, the abuse and exploitation that I've endured. I have done a lot of HARD WORK to re-program my mind to protect myself properly instead of cowing down to pressure.

I must admit. Making the transition from doormat to an Equal Lover has not been easy. This is because my brain is still conditioned--thus synapses are strong--to allow others to easily take advantage of me. But, every time I challenge those old false beliefs, and act in a way that honors myself and protects that which is me, I start to get better and better. More and more practice. I am re-wiring my own brain! It's astonishing.

I equated love with giving everything I had away. I equated love with lying down and allowing others to stomp on me, abuse me, hurt me and exploit me. I equated love with being "nice" and doing what others expected of me. Even though I acted all tough on the outside, inside I was a scared little girl, willing to do anything to please others because I thought that would bring me love.

Well, now I see that love is not that. Love starts with loving yourself. You have to be a person, a whole person and that means, you must have lines that cannot be crossed. You must be willing, at any moment and under any circumstances, to walk away from anyone who does not respect your boundaries, that is your separate identity and all the rights that entails.

When you start putting up boundaries, it feels awkward. You feel like people won't like you because you've set boundaries. I've found that the opposite is true. Erecting boundaries is a great Litmus Test to see the true intentions of those around you. If the person's intentions are not good, the person will walk away when you set a boundary. It means that he or she is not willing to accept you as an individual with human rights. It means that he or she is not willing to see you and respect you. If that is the case, you have one thing to say--BYE!

If the person's intentions are good, then he or she will respect you. Once respect is established, the relationship can flourish over time. You can give parts of yourself as YOU SEE FIT. You are not REQUIRED to give anything up in order to keep the person near you, or to prove yourself or to get that person to like or love you. You CHOOSE to give up parts of yourself because you want to experience the joy of giving and receiving and sharing and connecting. You are coming into the relationship with a full heart, ready to give and receive rather than an empty heart, desperate to be filled.

Eventually setting boundaries gets easier. At first, it is a stunt that takes a lot of thought. Then as you set boundaries, you begin to love yourself more and gain self respect. Your boundaries give you definition, thus there is more you to love. Your boundaries give the world more of yourself to love. Your boundaries confirm your identity. As you repeatedly protect your own best interests, eventually, this practice comes automatically. You begin to attract people in your life who are better for you, even as people with unscrupulous motives are repelled by you. Good riddance!


Part II: How to Rise Above Negative Emotion

This is a continuation of Part I: How to Rise Above Negative Emotion.

First, let me say, that a huge part of rising above negative emotion is to feel your frozen feelings. You must allow yourself to feel all the repressed feelings that you hold inside from degrees of abuse you experienced as a child. Once you've completed that process, you will come to a place where you're ready to take the next step in rising above the negative feelings you hold in your heart.

The next step in rising above negative emotion requires that you do the following:

Separate from the Negative Emotion

You must see yourself as who you really are, who you were meant to be, and you must see the negative emotion for what it really is. Negative emotion is a part of you that believed a lie that is contrary to your divine truth. Negative emotion is felt when your beliefs are out of alignment with the truth of who you are.  

Negative emotion is NOT YOU. It may FEEL like you, you may have thought that it was you, but it is NOT YOU. It has nothing to do with you, it is separate from you. It is false, it is something that is "out-there," not "in-here." Once you start depersonalizing the emotion, you can start to separate those parts of you that are true, from the parts of you that are false, not yours and that need to be disposed of little-by-little.

The Truth is... You are love, you are accepted, you are wanted, you are love. Any time you hold a belief that you are anything less than the divine soul that you are, you feel negative emotion. You feel badly. These negative emotions are energy-in-motion which send vibrations out into the universe and return to you more of the same, thus proof that you are right in feeling badly. It's a vicious cycle that must be stopped if you ever want to move ahead in your life and rise above it.

1. Know Who You Are
2. Know Who You're Not
3. Stop Taking Negative Emotion Personally

Stop Taking Your Bad Feelings So Personally 

If you're like me, you have feelings of negative emotion and immediately associate those bad feelings with who you are as a person. This is the epitome of feelings of worthlessness, unworthiness, low self esteem. These feelings would dwell in my heart and cause all sorts of thoughts to crop up about why I wasn't good enough, less than others, undeserving of the goodness that life has to offer. It was a spiral. I took every negative, sad, depressing, hopeless, shameful thought directly to heart. I believed what my emotions were saying about me as if it were my truth.

I've since learned to call a spade a spade. No longer do I incorporate bad feelings into my truth. I see bad feelings as something that is separate from me, and I do not allow it to touch my feelings of self worth and value. Just because I have a bad emotion doesn't mean that I am a bad person. Just because I have bad thoughts about my worth and value doesn't mean I have to act on those thoughts or believe those thoughts. I can stop myself in the midst of a spiral of negative emotion and subsequent negative thoughts and begin the process of fighting for my truth.

What a breakthrough!!! When you can stop yourself in the places that typically cripple your heart, crush you, cause you to fall back, sabotage yourself and beat-yourself-up, and you can begin taking a stand for your truth by arguing with the negative thoughts, thus changing your very opinion of the situation... That's when you start reprogramming your mind to believe new things about yourself. Whatever you believe about yourself is what you manifest in your life. You get what you feel you deserve.

When you reprogram your thought processes, rethink your thoughts, you cause new feelings and emotions to emerge. These new emotional vibrations are more empowering and beneficial to you and will bring the equivalent match into your life in terms of success and the things you want. These new thoughts, feelings, emotions (vibrations) will spur actions in you that are in alignment with the truth of who you are, not who you falsely thought you were to be. It's a beautiful process!!!

Once you recognize the negative emotion, realize that the negative emotion is NOT YOU, but actually the epitome of what YOU'RE NOT, which is why it feels badly, you will then understand that the negative emotion is separate and can be dealt with when you're operating from a place of knowing your truth. Your truth is that you are good, you are love and the world is on your side. You are a co-creator on earth with God. You have power to overcome situations. Your thoughts matter. You get in your life what you believe you deserve AND you have power to change your beliefs.

That's all for now... More next time on taming the negative emotions and bridging the gap to attaining higher level feelings more in alignment with your divine truth. Stay tuned!!! XO

Why Do We Hold Onto Self Hatred That's Not Ours?
Usually we receive this hatred when we are vulnerable and lacking in boundaries, and before we have an understanding of Self vs. Other. So we often don't know that this hatred does not belong to us. In addition, if we live with constant abuse, then we are also imprinted with the belief that we MUST NOT FORM BOUNDARIES or say NO to the abuse, that we must stay open to "what we deserve". Our Belief System then says we deserve this, and that we must continue to accept it and hold it. Staying open to another person's hatred then, becomes the pattern for our lives. We may not have always known how to hold against this hatred. We may not have been able to form boundaries or say no to it. But we can change this now. We CAN give the hatred back. We can form boundaries to prevent ever taking in more hatred again. And we can heal the wounds the hatred created in our soul.  The Patterns of Self Loathing