Sunday, February 16, 2014

Origins of Emotion - Limbic System

It is these same nuclei which later in life are involved in the ability to feel love (as well as hate and anger) for a loved one. That is, the limbic system controls the basic aspects of emotion, love, hate, anger, rage, fear, pleasure, as well as biological drives, hunger, thirst and even the capacity to experience orgasm during sex. Because during early in life biological drives can only be satisfied through a primary caretaker, that other limbic emotions also become aroused. 

It is these same brain regions which can make a person feel like killing a loved one if they have an affair or decide to end a relationship when the other loved one is still firmly attached and unwilling to let go. That is, if a person who has met primary needs for love, affection and physical intimacy were to leave, or want to end the affair, the limbic system responds in characteristic fashion, with frustration, anger, rage, and overwhelming feelings of unhappiness. 

Attachment Maternal Love Intimacy (Incredible Article) 

Amygdala  - Enables you to feel love, affection, happiness, controls all aspects of emotion including social emotional behavior. Could be damaged in people with autism.

Stimulation = Extreme fear could be rage, sexual

Constantly scanning environment for individuals, objects, items that are emotional significance.

Facial neurons in amygdala as well is temporal lobe to recognize happy or sad faces.

Fires when you locate something that's good to eat.

Assigns emotional significance to everything you see, hear, feel.

Without amygdala, you wouldn't be able to discern emotion, male or female.

You have a right and a left amygdala

Facial recognition. Determine if male/female. Is male smiling? Female frowning.

18% larger in females. 35% larger in homosexuals.

Females superior at discerning emotions potentially due to amygdala. Females have social emotional abilities. Males have limited abilities to express or notice. Females are social emotional geniuses.

Seat of social emotional intelligence. Directly linked to the stratum, located in frontal lobe, motor area.

If you stimulate amygdala, creates fear. Kicking, punching, etc...

emotional memory

searches for things that are of motivational significance


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