Sunday, February 2, 2014

People Freak Out on Vibrations - Gosh!!!

Facebook Friend: I am dumbfounded as to why I have had 3 men direct message me on Facebook in the past 2 weeks suggesting we get together for drinks. In each case, their profile clearly states "married". So weird.... Sorry, but I'm just not interested.

Your vibration must need alignment with your truth. Some kind of split energy. 

Facebook Friend: Heavy, Jenna 

That's exactly what it is! You are a powerful co-creator of your own reality. You pull the people towards you that are in exact alignment with your feelings (vibrations). If you want to know what to work on personally, just look at 1. How you feel and 2. What is manifesting.

Jenna Ryan I'm saying that you're more powerful than you realize. Maybe there is a part of you that is unavailable and so you're attracting unavailability? This has been my own personal experience that I have dealt with. 
Empowerment is about realizing your power to draw things to you or push them away vibrationally, that is, simply from the beliefs you're emitting. Our lives are controlled by our beliefs. The only difference between a prisoner and an Olympian is beliefs.
People don't realize how much their vibrational offerings attract things into their experience. If you're a sour puss, you're gonna attract sour pusses. If you see the world as loving and open, then you'll attract that. Your life today is a manifestation of your beliefs/feelings about what you deserve. What I'm finding and that the world is waking up to is that your beliefs don't just effect your experience on a big picture/macro level, but also down to the synchronicity of day-to-day experiences at the micro-level. You attract people into your life with your own vibrations. It's a holographic universe, what you put out you get back. Boomarang, Karma. Default vibrations bring crap, fine-tuned vibrations bring your dreams, visions and desires as soon as you're vibration matches that which you want to manifest.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

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