Thursday, February 6, 2014

Real vs. Pseudo Intimacy

HUMAN CONNECTION: We have all these artificial ways of connecting, pseudo-connection, not real. You know? Like, marketing to people when really you need friendship, emailing when you need to talk, drinking when you need to cry, sex when you need understanding, drama when you need appreciation. Gossip when you're hurt. Fake instead of real, pretending you don't need anything. Ignoring your human need so that you never appear to need anything or anyone because of the messed up notion that needing is weakness. Rejection may kill you, so you stay in a shell close your heart and go about pretending. I want to be real, people. Don't sell me anything. Don't turn relating with me into a transaction. Let's be human! Let's be vulnerable! Let's share our feelings! Let's connect. Take a risk! You may get hurt, but you won't die--and you just may get what you need. XO

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