Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You Create the World You Live In

I found this on the instagram of a really amazing Yogi. yoga_girl - Funny thing is, it is my thoughts almost exactly... It's what I wanted to say, she said it now so I don't have to. This is true!!! 

Keys to Having a Good Life

You create the world you live in. The people you encounter on your path are there not by chance, but because you brought them to you. The experiences you are having and the situations you are facing are here because you made it so. You are a powerful being with the possibility to manifest anything you like, but most of us do this unconsciously. (I say, by default because we don't realize our own power...)

Depending on what you focus your thoughts and your energy on, your life situation will change - for better or for worse. What does your life look like right now? Are you at peace and content with where you are? Are you manifesting a life of love? Or are you manifesting a life of fear? By becoming aware of your thoughts and realizing the power you have over your life situation, you can start to manifest good instead of bad. 

Focus on what you want to create instead of what you lack. It's very logical - by thinking negative thoughts (I am not good enough/I don't have enough/I am unhappy) you will have a negative outlook on life, thus attracting more negative experiences into your space. It's a viscous cycle, and you need to stop it right away. Begin from where you are. 

 There is beauty in your life. Connect to it. Be positive and grateful for the blessings you have. Be here. Don't dwell in the past. Stop thinking in terms of "should have" "could have" or "it would have been better if" - You are where you are! You cannot change what was in the past. Why focus on something you cannot possibly do anything about? What you can do, however, is change your present. It's here, where you are. This is it. Life is now. 

Change your life situation by being compassionate, by staying positive, by forgiving, by focusing on love and light and space and gratitude and abundance and happiness. What you direct your energy towards, you attract more of. Meditate on the magical, breathtaking beauty of the world and soon that magic will be part of your everyday life. So. 

What are you manifesting today?

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