Thursday, February 13, 2014

Do Narcissists Post Selfies?

I think a true Narcissist is too busy trying to be cooler than everyone else to do a selfie. The true narcissists I know would never stoop so low as to do a selfie. It takes a sweet, humble spirit to expose your face to the world. You can't be too concerned with flaws, or what others think. That's a few traits the narcissist just doesn't have.

The true Narcissist (especially the malignant, blood-sucking kind) is too good for everything and everyone. Though some selfie-takers may have narcissistic qualities; this does not a Narcissist make. Some narcissism is healthy. A true narcissist looks down on others and thinks he/she is too good for everything--although, deep down they have no Self. 

Some who take selfies are Narcs. They come in many forms, sometimes it's hard to tell at first because they're so charming, but hang around them long enough and you'll see that their image comes before dignity, truth, love, respect, relationships. Their image is all they have. They won't take a chance on cheap selfies. They get professional photo shoots done.

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