Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life is a Classroom

By Jenna Ryan February 25, 2014

Life is a classroom where we learn to be who we are--extensions of the divine, of great love and awesome power to move mountains. ~ Jenna Ryan

Knowing is present tense. Faith is knowing even before manifestation. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen". Hebrews 11:1 Faith (believing before manifestation) is your power to create on this planet. 

Problems are distractions from the knowledge of your full power as the creator of your life. Strength comes by focusing your faith/power and overcoming obstacles. You have everything you need to fly RIGHT NOW. You're not missing a thing. You must only realize your power to make your own life happen. Lift off. You are pure potential. 

YOU. YOU. YOU are a vessel of power, a wellspring of answers, a universe of expansion lies within you. Go inside.

The understanding of the power of your thoughts is like fire, then electricity... You have untapped power inside of you.

Finding the right thought and holding it steady is like a treasure hunt leading to your destiny.  

That which to hate expands that which to love. Evil expands good. Death expands life.

As life has seasons, so does the spirit. As life has ages, so does the spirit. Divisions amongst God expands that which to love.

You were created to tap into the divine within and pour out its riches to the younger ones.

The way to fulfill your burning desires is not the way you think. No. It will take different thought--that you must find--to get there.

Whenever you are ready, your suddenly will come.

Your faith is your power to move mountains and manifest the truth of who you are, that burning desire in your heart.

You can spread your wings and fly right now simply by choosing to do so. You can choose the feeling & lightness as you soar to your dreams.

YOU can spread your wings and fly right now. Contrary to what you think, you don't have to go back to the beginning & get what you missed.

If you don't think it's holding you back, it's not. If you think it's holding you back, it is. So STOP IT.

Whatever you feel is holding you back is only holding you back because you feel it. Dismiss the notion and watch the obstacle melt away.

You are the very heartbeat of God.

Whatever obstacle you face, whatever thorn in your side is the weight which builds strength for fulfilling the purpose of your life.

Faith is knowing before seeing, feeling before being and believing before manifesting. ~ Jenna Ryan

FAITH is knowing BEFORE it reaches the 5 senses. Belief that moves mountains occurs in the realm of power that you can't see, taste, touch, hear, smell--yet...  

Mastery of the realm of possibility is the main purpose of life, tapping into the divine & expanding its power by faith unto manifestation.

Whatever you were born to carry out will require that you take the leap from the here, now and into the realm of possibility.

The burning desire in your heart to be more, do more, see more is a divine purpose that you were born to carry out.

Obstacles in your way represent the divide between what you see today and what is truly possible for your life if you raise your expectation

The leap of faith required to reach your dreams is a vast divide between knowing what you see now, and believing in your own power to create

Your dreams lie on the other side of knowing that you have the power to foster beliefs that align with your wishes to usher you in.

The bridge from feeling to knowing is the pathway to the divine, owning the power that lies within to create a life that you dreamed up.

If you want to feel the satisfaction of the manifestation of your heart's desire, you must know it before it comes to past.

Satisfaction is the feeling that comes when you experience your heart's desire. To reach for your hearts desire, you must only line up with the FEELING of satisfaction BY FAITH. 

Satisfaction is a feeling that comes from seeing the evidence before it manifests.

Feeling is reaching, knowing is grasping. You feel your way to knowing.

Faith is the feeling before knowing.

Knowing is present tense. Faith is knowing even before manifestation.

You FEEL loving another because you can't get out of yourself and truly know the other. (Not in the actual sense), but you KNOW their love.

How does it feel to be loved? You don't feel it. You know it.

FEELING leads to knowing. 

Feeling is on the path to knowing.

Knowing is the solid form of feeling.
Life is a classroom that teaches the willing who you are, and the power that lies hidden within. You must seek it to find it. Find it by searching for the right thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

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