Sunday, February 2, 2014

Part II: How to Rise Above Negative Emotion

This is a continuation of Part I: How to Rise Above Negative Emotion.

First, let me say, that a huge part of rising above negative emotion is to feel your frozen feelings. You must allow yourself to feel all the repressed feelings that you hold inside from degrees of abuse you experienced as a child. Once you've completed that process, you will come to a place where you're ready to take the next step in rising above the negative feelings you hold in your heart.

The next step in rising above negative emotion requires that you do the following:

Separate from the Negative Emotion

You must see yourself as who you really are, who you were meant to be, and you must see the negative emotion for what it really is. Negative emotion is a part of you that believed a lie that is contrary to your divine truth. Negative emotion is felt when your beliefs are out of alignment with the truth of who you are.  

Negative emotion is NOT YOU. It may FEEL like you, you may have thought that it was you, but it is NOT YOU. It has nothing to do with you, it is separate from you. It is false, it is something that is "out-there," not "in-here." Once you start depersonalizing the emotion, you can start to separate those parts of you that are true, from the parts of you that are false, not yours and that need to be disposed of little-by-little.

The Truth is... You are love, you are accepted, you are wanted, you are love. Any time you hold a belief that you are anything less than the divine soul that you are, you feel negative emotion. You feel badly. These negative emotions are energy-in-motion which send vibrations out into the universe and return to you more of the same, thus proof that you are right in feeling badly. It's a vicious cycle that must be stopped if you ever want to move ahead in your life and rise above it.

1. Know Who You Are
2. Know Who You're Not
3. Stop Taking Negative Emotion Personally

Stop Taking Your Bad Feelings So Personally 

If you're like me, you have feelings of negative emotion and immediately associate those bad feelings with who you are as a person. This is the epitome of feelings of worthlessness, unworthiness, low self esteem. These feelings would dwell in my heart and cause all sorts of thoughts to crop up about why I wasn't good enough, less than others, undeserving of the goodness that life has to offer. It was a spiral. I took every negative, sad, depressing, hopeless, shameful thought directly to heart. I believed what my emotions were saying about me as if it were my truth.

I've since learned to call a spade a spade. No longer do I incorporate bad feelings into my truth. I see bad feelings as something that is separate from me, and I do not allow it to touch my feelings of self worth and value. Just because I have a bad emotion doesn't mean that I am a bad person. Just because I have bad thoughts about my worth and value doesn't mean I have to act on those thoughts or believe those thoughts. I can stop myself in the midst of a spiral of negative emotion and subsequent negative thoughts and begin the process of fighting for my truth.

What a breakthrough!!! When you can stop yourself in the places that typically cripple your heart, crush you, cause you to fall back, sabotage yourself and beat-yourself-up, and you can begin taking a stand for your truth by arguing with the negative thoughts, thus changing your very opinion of the situation... That's when you start reprogramming your mind to believe new things about yourself. Whatever you believe about yourself is what you manifest in your life. You get what you feel you deserve.

When you reprogram your thought processes, rethink your thoughts, you cause new feelings and emotions to emerge. These new emotional vibrations are more empowering and beneficial to you and will bring the equivalent match into your life in terms of success and the things you want. These new thoughts, feelings, emotions (vibrations) will spur actions in you that are in alignment with the truth of who you are, not who you falsely thought you were to be. It's a beautiful process!!!

Once you recognize the negative emotion, realize that the negative emotion is NOT YOU, but actually the epitome of what YOU'RE NOT, which is why it feels badly, you will then understand that the negative emotion is separate and can be dealt with when you're operating from a place of knowing your truth. Your truth is that you are good, you are love and the world is on your side. You are a co-creator on earth with God. You have power to overcome situations. Your thoughts matter. You get in your life what you believe you deserve AND you have power to change your beliefs.

That's all for now... More next time on taming the negative emotions and bridging the gap to attaining higher level feelings more in alignment with your divine truth. Stay tuned!!! XO

Why Do We Hold Onto Self Hatred That's Not Ours?
Usually we receive this hatred when we are vulnerable and lacking in boundaries, and before we have an understanding of Self vs. Other. So we often don't know that this hatred does not belong to us. In addition, if we live with constant abuse, then we are also imprinted with the belief that we MUST NOT FORM BOUNDARIES or say NO to the abuse, that we must stay open to "what we deserve". Our Belief System then says we deserve this, and that we must continue to accept it and hold it. Staying open to another person's hatred then, becomes the pattern for our lives. We may not have always known how to hold against this hatred. We may not have been able to form boundaries or say no to it. But we can change this now. We CAN give the hatred back. We can form boundaries to prevent ever taking in more hatred again. And we can heal the wounds the hatred created in our soul.  The Patterns of Self Loathing

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