Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You Didn't Lose You

By Dr. Sherrie Campbell
There is so much symbolism in life that is always available to you in the form of small miracles. When we ask for something from the deepest part of our heart we will receive the miracle almost instantly. It is often when we are the most vulnerable or the most in pain when we are the most open to these miracles. I think this is because this is the time that we need the most help or guidance. 
It is easy to love ourselves and others when things are going great but it can be or feel like an impossible feat to love ourselves or others when we are in pain but this is the exact time that you need to do it most. Just because someone or something may abandon you, do whatever you can not to abandon yourself. Sometimes it is not even the other person that we miss. What we miss sometimes is the person we got to be in that relationship. If you were giving and loving in a relationship and the relationship ends what you are missing is the YOU that you got to express and have reflected back to you.  
It feels good to love and to be loving so why does this have to stop if your relationship ends. This is when you have the opportunity to give to yourself what you were giving to the other person. Then when you really look at it...between the two of you, you can see that if there was going to be a least it wasn't you who lost YOU, it was them. So you are still yourself, you are still loving and fabulous. You didn't lose anything but the opportunity to express it to that other person. So, turn it around, accept the loss and be glad that you left with YOU to keep and to treasure. This my friends is the most beautiful miracle of all.

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