Saturday, September 21, 2013

You Are Enough

By: Sherrie Campbell, PhD
We know deep down that for our lives to work we just have to be ourselves but so many of us are caught up in trying to be more that we forget who we are or don't know who we are at all. Who we are is us minus all the baggage we add to get love and approval. If our original energy is love, then that is who we are. Can you feel that? Seriously, take a moment...feel that because that is who we are. This is the place we need to operate from. 
Love is simple. Love is graceful. Love is quiet. Love is soft. Love is firm. Love includes. Love lets go. Love is calm. Love is knowing you do not need to embellish yourself to get love. Looking for love outside of ourselves is hell. When we are looking for it, shape-changing to capture it, adding things to ourselves to receive it, or giving up precious parts of ourselves or our lives to win it, we will come up loveless every time. 
This is because this is neediness. This is not love. Love doesn't need to add anything to it because it already is everything. When we can get here, love will constantly seek us. This is the truth of who we are. Have a sweet weekend.

Approval Seeking

by Sherrie Campbell, PhD

In becoming less we actually become more. In life when we are attention seeking in any way to get the love and approval of others what happens is we repel them. When we are willing to let go of the "show" or always being in "audition mode" is when we will attract the love and attention that we are seeking. Trying to get something will keep it away from us. The lesson behind this is to just be yourself. You really do not need to seek the love and approval of others if you like and love who you are. If you genuinely like and love who you are then you will know that you shine just as you are...there is no need to show off. The simple act of truly loving yourself is all you need to focus on to make your life work. It isn't about others, or what they think of you. This is trying to find love from your insecurity. We will come up loveless when trying to find love this way and from this place. When we become less it isn't about shrinking it is actually about expanding because we emanate that we have become so comfortable in who we are that we do not doubt our lovability and we naturally and easily attract love to us. People can feel and sense when we are comfortable in our own skin. They can also sense when we are not because we are always making sure we stand out somehow. There is no peace in all that effort to stand out. Love yourself. That is really all you need to do. Let go of needing to be it all, know it all and show it all off. It serves you nothing but rejection. The divine purpose of the rejection is to direct you back inside to learn to love yourself quietly and gracefully. Your humility will be so vast and so beautiful that all that you want will come your way.

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