Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love Your Life, Every Minute of It

Until you find love in the little things, you won't be able to find love in the big things. Love through the little things is the bridge to bigger things. There is an illusion that we are waiting, waiting, waiting for that one BIG LOVE to swoop in and save us--at least among me and my single girlfriends. I'm finding that love doesn't work that way.

Love isn't something outside of you. It's already there, inside of you, heart beating with love--it is yours. So often we ignore this wellspring of love that we have within, likely because we've never been taught to access it--or maybe we forgot along the way.

We must learn to experience love in every area of our lives, not only when we are noticed by a guy we like, or make a giant paycheck or get a sale. We must experience the love within at all times, both good and bad times, if we are to find true fulfillment.

Some things are mundane. You don't want to wash your car, hang your clothes or wash your dishes, but it's important to do these things--all things--with great love. Good times come and go, but love remains at all times, exuberant love that fills and fulfills, if we only open our eyes and our hearts and tap-tap-tap into every minute of it.

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