Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Ego

The ego competes & compares. The ego plays games. Manipulates, fears, gets anxious, panics. The ego is always worried about measuring worth.

 The ego must be right. If anyone disagrees, it's an assault to the ego. The ego would rather dwell in delusion than admit it is wrong.

The ego keeps you hard, closed-off, alone, sad, depressed, lonely, stuck, it fights with itself and disconnects you from yourself & others.

The ego is always trying to get love, acceptance and approval from outside itself. It hides you from your true essence, that of divine love.

The ego is everything bad. Self judgment, the inner critic, negative thinking. The ego, quite frankly, sucks. You don't need it.

The ego is manipulative, controlling and has an agenda. it can't love, it only plays for power to get a little ego feed that never satisfies.

Tweeting is quite egoic.

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