Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rise with the Changes

Sherrie Campbell, PhD
It can be hard to see the good in the bad when you are caught up in the initial shock of what feels bad to you. Any time life changes it puts us into great upheaval but what we often learn is that our life-path is kicking out and getting rid of the things and people that will not serve us on the next part of our journey. Sometimes it takes the biggest falls for us to be truly inspired by our own willpower to survive and carry on. Each loss then becomes a personal victory in self-love. If you have a genuine commitment to yourself you can and will survive whatever change comes because you realize on the deepest levels that you have YOU to count on. No one can heal for you, no one can take the hurt for you, and no one can solve life's problems for you. You with yourself have to take on these endeavors. If you take it on with courage, faith and trust you will blow your own mind at what you can achieve as you rise from the ashes of the change which occurred. You will eventually be grateful it happened. Be thankful for your good-bye's in life. There is nothing braver then to come face-to-face with a good-bye, look it in the face and welcome its departure with grace. When you are here, you will see as time passes and you rise that you must choose the company you keep more wisely. You will develop higher standards. The Universe will step in and mettle before ever letting you settle for relationships that cannot support you. The more you love yourself through change, you can give yourself the permission that you do not have to have it together all the time...simply face things bravely, trust the process, give yourself love and kindness and RISE.

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