Saturday, September 21, 2013

Who Are You Not?

Who are you? I mean, really--who are you? Do you know? Do you have a secure sense of self. Is your identity one of your own making, rather than what you were conditioned to be as a child, or what you think you should be? Do you know who you really are? I've found that at the core, each of us consists of the same thing. LOVE. The core of our existence is love. Each of us. You, me and all on this amazing planet.

We are wrought in love, and we are love through and through. The problem is that we aren't taught this. The world for some reason teaches the opposite; that we are waste-cases, filled with rebellion, that at our core we are rotten scoundrels. I've found this to not be true. Each of us must make up our own minds. I've found that at the core of me is not what I was afraid to find. Underneath all the defenses and conditioning and false stories I've believed is a awesome essence, that of love, beauty and compassion.

There is a lot in the way of this divine essence. I had to do away with a lot of conditioning, I had to go beyond what many were telling me. I had to be strong enough to see life for what it really is and to face reality. When I did all of these things, I found pure love. Pure love, divine essence is at the core of every human being. In order to get to this understanding, it helps to discover who you're not. If you want to reach your divine nature, your beauty, your bliss, your divine love that creates your inner core, then it helps to know that you are tied to anything that others put on you, or that you put on yourself. So often our identity is falsely linked to factors that have nothing to do with the truth of our true, divine essence.

I am not my past.
I am not my wounds.
I am not my pain.
I am not my joy.
I am not my possessions.
I am not my body fat measurement.
I am not my abilities.
I am not my clothing.
I am not my habits.
I am not my addictions.
I am not my weaknesses.
I am not my family.
I am not my friends.
I am not my thoughts.
I am not my emotions.

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