Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dig Deep

By Sherrie Campbell, PhD
When life challenges you to your core...dig deep. When you look inside yourself you can get extremely cluttered and distorted by your mind and negative self talk. There is something below that, within you, if you can get there. What is underneath your fear is a vastness of light that carries the truth about who you really are. Who you really are is love wrapped or canvased in a human form. This is what I call your inner world and it exists inside you just below your fear. Our inner world is as expansive as the Universe and the only thing we need to get in touch with it quickly is a deep soulful breath. This inner world is intelligent. It is the world that connects us to everyone else, to our desires, dreams, and opportunities for higher learning but most importantly it connects us to our Source of love and grace. Negativity is not intelligent. Nothing productive comes from the energy of force or negativity. So many of us get caught in this, as it is part of being human, but there is something that can dissipate it. If we can connect and dig below the negativity we will find love. Negativity comes from fear. Once fear hits the mind, the mind becomes embellished, distorted and negative. It starts making decisions which create separation and division. This is no way to love or be loved. Dig deeper and deeper and the light of who you really are is there just waiting to be discoverd, uncovered and used to guide you through all your life situations. All it takes is the work, committment and perseverence to believe in your own divinity. It is not outside of you, it is within you.

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