Monday, August 5, 2013

Who Should You Trust? By Natalie Lue

Here are some great articles about Trust from Ms Natalie Lue. I love her writings, they always hit me right in the center of the nose.

The Circle of Trust 
Do you know who’s in yours & why? Are you even inside your own circle?

I love this piece that Natalie did. I have 100s of such diagrams that I created with marker. Maybe I will get a little more fancy some day... 

"If you put others before you it means that you're either outside of your own circle or that you're in it but not in the centre - that is a big problem. Remember that when you neglect you, any 'ole body can come along with a crumb and between you and this person it will be inflated into a loaf because it will appear to be more than you're already giving to you." ~ Nat Lue

“Help! I’m scared of trusting!” Relax! There’s no need to be so ‘tight’ with trust!

Debit and Credit Trust System   

"You need to address your own relationship with you first because I’m yet to come across anybody who distrusts themselves that’s able to healthily trust others. They either trust blindly and do the equivalent of handing themselves over lock and key to a stranger and jumping into a pool of sharks or they struggle to trust and don’t seem to be able to differentiate between fear and knowledge or internal fear VS external fear."

"Learning how to trust others and use your judgement also means that you need to clear out all of the blame you’ve been taking on because when you tend to engage in the It’s All About Me and One False Move mentalities, you tend to gauge a situation and find a way to make you at fault for it. This makes it very difficult to trust because you’re hardly going to want to add more problems to your ever increasing list of crimes you haven’t actually committed."

"From when you meet a person on day zero, they begin to unfold. Anything you think they are initially is an impression, not who they are, because who someone is, is based on experience of them. They’ll either live up to or even exceed this impression… or miss it. That’s nothing to be afraid of because dating or just getting to know any person is a discovery phase that irrespective of the outcome, it’s an experience that can enrich or help you in some way. As long as you’re not expecting to instantly know someone or to ‘know’ them without actually truly knowing them, or claiming to ‘know’ them based on superficial BS, what you will be expecting is that it will take time before you’re going to get to know someone so you won’t have unrealistic expectations or be surprised by information that was always there but ignored. If you trust you to do your due diligence and not live in la-la land, anything that does come your way, you’ll handle it. Believe you."


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