Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love Remains

Life is the ebb and flow of gaining and losing. One always following the other. The stillness that is in the middle is love. Love is who and what we are at our very core and it is amazing how we can feel this love when we are gaining and our life is in positive momentum, but when we are losing we feel abandoned by this love. We feel it must have left our lives. It hasn't. It won't because it can't. All that can happen is we can accidentally disconnect from it. When life hits us with the unexpected it is natural to feel completely off center and out of balance, to feel alone and without love but that is just the mind's reaction to the loss because the love is still there waiting for you to plug in so it may guide and nurture you through your down time. We connect to this love by becoming aware of it. We can become aware of it by simply remembering it is there. If we seek it, it will seek us back. If we show that we trust it, it will show us our trust is precious. We can get through ANYTHING! All it takes is awareness. We are not more loved in our gaining times in life than we are in our losing times. The love within remains the same the only thing that changes is the mind's perception. We feel loved when successful and not loved when in failure...and yet when in failure that is when we seek love the most, it is when we grow the most and it is our most vulnerable place of connection. So if you are not forget to seek the love within never leaves.

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