Saturday, August 10, 2013


When you already have greatness inside yourself, you don't need to find it outside. You can bring that which is the fullness of your heart to your friendships, relationships and all you encounter. Loving others is an art, loving yourself is a gift you give yourself that predicates your love for others and hence, their love of you. Staying rooted and grounded in reality--fearless of the consequence--is the mark of a mature soul. Tapping into the life within your own heart is the secret to attraction and fulfillment. Humility, self respect, wonder and enthusiasm are worth more than gold bullion. Vision, insight and willingness are like stars in an otherwise dark sky. Knowing who you are, on a path to discovery and deeper connection with God, the Universe and others is essential to fulfillment. Self efficacy and relational effectiveness, though offering the challenges of Everest, are the ultimate rewards on the mountaintop of destiny.

~ Jenna Ryan | Aug. 10, 2013

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