Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Path

~ Zdravko Stefanovic

In these modern times, there is a constant pressure on people on how we would like that the world and humans in our surroundings perceive us. Who we are. How we are. We would so eagerly like to find our place, or rather, give ourselves a place in today’s messy and stressful everyday environment. Most of us don’t succeed as often as we wish we did. People, who feel lost in today’s society and who can end up using almost any method to get their voice heard.

It’s alright to get lost. It’s alright to stumble upon an intersecton and wander straight into a cul-de-sac. How would you otherwise know what road to take? Go back to the intersection. Take another direction. Follow it and see where life leads you. Life presents itself in so many ways that some of us don’t know how to handle it, but from mistakes grows experience. From experience grows self-confidence and self-awareness.

With these two variables we can ramble on life’s path and expand its value. On this path you might fall, slip, stumble or stay still, but the instinctive problem solving ability of humans is that which makes a man grow. Deep, down inside ourselves, we know what should be done.

Only when you wander this path and are ready to leave it behind and walk into another one, have you naturally so shown your place in this world. It comes from just being. Don’t try and see yourself in the mirror too often and see that this is what I want the world to see. The risk is that you get stuck in your own mirror image and remain there in an undeveloped state. Let not yourself be your mirror image, let your mirror image be yourself.

~ Zdravko Stefanovic

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