Monday, August 19, 2013

The Beauty of Anger

Anger is a useful tool. It's purpose is to show us when we're being violated. To remove anger is to remove a piece of who you are, to deny or abandon the protective layer of yourself. Learning to wisely guide your anger is key. I've denied mine for years and since grown to a place of embracing it, processing it and funneling it into healthy assertion. Healthy childhood development takes rage and turns it into backbone. 
 It's the un-faced anger we need to be afraid of; like mismatched telephone wires, it misfires sending messages askew. Unprocessed anger that we pretend we don't have is the root of negativity and physical illness. However, if we are in touch with ourselves and in tune with the nuances of our emotions, anger serves as a corrective mechanism, much as the missile corrects to target. 
We need the whole range of human experience to function appropriately and moderately. Dismissing anger is dismissing truth and denying self--like yin and yang. You must embrace the fulness of the good and the bad, using the force of it to propel you higher. Anger is a useful tool that is an invaluable resource in the repertoire of a healed, mature soul.
~ J. Ryan

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