Saturday, August 17, 2013

We Don't Need to Be More

We don't need to be more. We often feel that to get love we have be more. Be more of what? Have you ever asked yourself this? Have you noticed that the more you chase people and try and force them to love you that all they do is become more distant from you. It is important that we understand that those who constantly seek love from others only find their lovelessness. Those who ARE love and loving as people never have to seek it for they always have it. 
If you have to chase someone for their love, or you have to go out and get caught up in seeking their approval by saying "look at me...look at what a good girlfriend/boyfriend I am, or look at what a good mom or dad I am , or look at what a good friend I am, or look at what a good employee I am" you will end up in an even lower place. 
Why is it that we are so caught up in having the approval of other people? Are we any less of a person if we do not have their approval? Is our worth dependent upon others? If we realize that we are not separate from love then we do not have to do anything to get it. Love yourself. That is where you need to start when it comes to love. 
Dark people are always going to be out there trying to let you know you are not enough and the only way they will have any power is if you believe that you are not loveable. If you know you are love and you know that you shine and that you come from love then no one will have the power to dim your light. 
You do not need to be more. You do not need to do anything to get love because you are love. You do not need to try so hard. All you need to remember is your most original state was love, it has never left, you just have to remember that and love yourself..

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