Sunday, August 4, 2013

Law of Existence

By Dr. Margaret Paul

The basic law of our existence is that we each have free will. In each moment we get to choose our intent - who we want to be: loving or unloving, open or closed, learning or protected, in surrender to Spirit or attempting to control. If you do not embrace your free will, you will feel like a victim. Today, notice your intent and who you choose to be, moment by moment.

Who do you choose to be most of the time?


What do you do to avoid rejection? Try and be perfect and do everything right? Keep quiet so as not to look stupid? Talk too much to control attention? Today, instead of worrying about being rejected by others, notice how you may be rejecting yourself.

Do you reject yourself with your self-judgments and ignoring your feelings with various addictions?
Others loving you is the icing on the cake, but loving yourself is the cake. Without loving yourself, there is nowhere for the icing to go.

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