Monday, July 29, 2013

Seekers of Love & Approval

By Sherrie Campbell, PhD
Seeking love and approval can be one of the most devastating quests we go on if we are searching for it from others. Regardless of what someone shows to the world their emotional and mental states cannot be concealed. Each person is experienced directly and/or subliminally by the outside world. If we feel unworthy of love then people will pick up on that. Likewise, if we feel worthy of love, people will also pick up on that. This is why loving yourself is so vital. 
Loving ourselves can be easy to lose, hard to pick up some days but committing to it and trying again is always something you can return to. It really doesn't matter what people think of us, or what slander they put out in the world if we are ok with who we are and we know we have done our best in whatever sitatuation life has brought to us. 
Life isn't about being perfect or being what other people want or need us to be. It is about evolving personally. If we are stuck in needing the approval of others or needing them to like us we are out of alignment with the Universe. If we love ourselves then we are in alignment with our Universal evolutionary impulse to grow. In this way we can look at our mistakes and see them as opportunities to grow. When we see it this way, we can stop self-abusing. 
We are all human. Each of us. We are all doing our best. Love and approval need to come from within so we can shine that light out into the world to keep the darkness away.

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