Monday, July 29, 2013


By Sherrie Campbell, PhD
What we all have ownership over, if we love ourselves, is our dignity. When we have our dignity in our hands and hearts we trust always in the abundance and goodness of the Universe. We know that there is always enough love to go around and therefore, we believe in solutions. We never settle for less than we deserve and we always walk in silence from situations in which we are not valued
We know when we are around those who do not love themselves because they believe completely in lack. They believe to have one thing they love they must give up other important loves. This is truly the sickness of not believing in love and abundance. This is the belief in negativity. This is the fear that we cannot have all we deserve, desire and want. 
Non-self loving people come from this place and create chaos in their lives and in the lives of others. In fact, if they experience true love they demean it, take it for granted and do whatever they can to destroy it because after all they must not deserve it. 
There is no peace in this thought system because it is ruled by the mind and not the heart. If the shutters are closed the light cannot come in. We must accept there are many like this and accept we cannot help them to see all the abundance which is there if they are unwilling to believe. Just take a moment...and embrace all the goodness and love available if we just ourselves.

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