Monday, July 29, 2013

Real Love

Sherrie Campbell, PhD
No one can ever love us enough to fulfill us...not our children, not our partners, not our friends. When we have emptiness inside and we go looking for love we will only find more emptiness. 
What we create in our outside world is simply a reflection of what we feel on the inside about our worth, our rights to love and happiness and what we believe we deserve. 
When we can change and let go of any and all negative thoughts and stories about ourselves then our lives will change to reflect that. 
People who do not offer us love cannot offer it because they don't have it to give. If we are searching for them to give something they do not have then we will have emptiness. 
If you believe you deserve a higher level of love then you must become that within yourself. The value of loving yourself is immeasurable and the greatest gift of it is when losses come in life you will always have yourself to fall into. There is not a greater safety than that. 
Remember real love doesn't leave, real love doesn't lack. Real love is about solutions and patience. Real love must first start with loving yourself. Have a beautiful Sunday!

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