Friday, July 26, 2013

Don't Be An "Order Taker"

One of our community members sent me this today. It is SO TRUE! You know I love it. We should all follow this lady and get refreshed with wisdom as we learn to LOVE OURSELVES more and more every day...

From Sherrie Campbell, PhD
Loving yourself is the key to learning to think for YOURSELF. If you do not love yourself you cannot think for yourself. If you cannot think for yourself you cannot possibly make healthy decisions. If you cannot think for yourself then you become someone who simply follows orders. You end up doing what other people tell you to do instead of doing what you know in your gut is the right thing to do. 
If you are an 'order-follower' you are constantly operating out of fear and self-doubt. You have become so alienated from your own self that you are not comfortable anywhere around anyone and you have not clarity on who you really are. 
It is fascinating that the greatest damage is never created by people who love themselves and are risk taking. The greatest damage is caused by those who take orders (do what they are told to do). They drop reckless bombs and create massacres destroying the most precious and innocent things. 
Loving ourselves connects us to our OWN answers and those come from within not without. You should always question advice from the outside by balancing it against your inside and the bigger picture not the short-sightedness of 'winning' something. We all have the power to find our own answers and answers that come from this are not dangerous or harmful to others. They may help set boundaries but solutions are always involved as is the highest good for all involved. 
If you are simply taking orders the Universe will not be in your favor because you are not using your naturally given internal guidance system. The gifts of being self-loving only benefit all those whose lives you touch.

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