Sunday, July 14, 2013

Emotion Quotes

All internal experience can be divided into two categories: genuine affect and defense against that affect.

Chronic emotional states defend against bypassed emotions that are even more painful.

Your defenses promise to keep you safe. Your defenses keep you stuck.

Whatever your ego is protecting probably isn’t worth the costs.

Habits are defensive.

Dr. Steven Brownlow


Feelings are the language of the unconscious.

Dr. Steven Brownlow


Rage reduces empathy.

Dr. Steven Brownlow


People’s narcissism is often most evident when they’re trying to act most noble and selfless.

Dr. Steven Brownlow


There is no particular technique for being real.


The most straightforward way to improve all aspects of your health is to master your bypassed emotions.


People are processes who want to see themselves (and others) as finished products.

You health and your environment both reflect your deeper psychology.

It’s easier for people to talk about their “heart” emotions, like sadness, than their “gut” emotions, like disgust.

Intense stress desynchronizes emotional from contextual memory. This is the trauma experience.

Nobody gets angrier or more self-righteous than they do when their favorite rationalizations are questioned.

Ninety percent of solving most problems is figuring out exactly what the problem is.

Once you bypass an emotion, your functioning will become increasingly erratic.

It's the therapist's role to help the client name & face the fear disguised as an acceptable/familiar self-deception.

Any excuse to remain stuck is a rationalization based on fear.

Don’t try to remove your emotions. Instead, master them.

Accept others, but remain true to yourself.

Attach to people and processes, not objects or outcomes.

Attachment to outcomes brings misery.

Perfectionism is a sure path to misery.

Few people are harder to help than the person whose mind constantly changes based on who talked to them last.

Pleasure and pain are universal. Learn to accept both without getting entangled by either.

Conditioning isn't destiny.

The most likely cause of a man’s depression is his failure to be the man he thinks he should be ~Frank Pittman

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. ~C.G. Jung

You can’t truly love someone unless you’re willing to set limits on their misconduct.

Very little is irreversible, and no single event is ever the end of the story.

People tend to discount their strengths and the growth they’ve made along their journeys.

Romantic crap tells people that to be fulfilled they need others to love them. Actually, we’re fulfilled by loving others.

It’s no use blaming people for doing what you allow them to get away with.

If you don’t set limits when others transgress your boundaries, it’s your boundary problem, not theirs.

The part of us that blocks our changing is trying to protect us. It will relent only when we ally ourselves with it.

Close relationships are what matters.

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