Monday, July 29, 2013

Get Your Own Advice

By Sherrie Campbell, PhD

If we love ourselves then we will know who we are and who we are not. When we do not have an inner connection to ourselves we are like a kite floating on the unpredictable weather of life. When we are not internally connected we are making fear based decisions, making decisions based upon what other people tell us what is right for us, and making decisions that we think will get us what we want. 
We can never get what we want out of fear. We can never get what we want by someone else telling us what to do. We can only get what we want when we check within. The power to run our lives effectively exists within all of us, but so many of us allow the outside world to dictate our direction and we often give up or get rid of the very things in our lives that we really need because they are healthy for us. 
Fear creates reactivity, impulsivity and regret. These are three things which then bring upon great loss, depression and self-doubt. When we love ourselves, we know ourselves. We can listen to and consider the advise of others but only after we check in with our own compass, weigh the options from a place of health compassion and self-love and then we will always know what is truly best for us. Like the good witch said "She had the strength within her all along." 
Check within before you make decisions and in doing this you will not risk making decisions which only serve to make your life more empty.

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