Monday, July 29, 2013

Hurting is Healing

By Sherrie Campbell, PhD 
Life is about healing. When we are hurting we have to remind ourselves that we are not hurting...we are healing. 
 Life is about change and change almost always involves some type of loss. It is often hard to see this loss not as a loss but as a new beginning. This just takes time. 
Every loss is a new beginning but we cannot skip over the loss part of the equation so we must enter into a time of healing. Here is the thing about healing, we do not usually get to decide how long it will take and most of us would love to push the river. When we are healing we are on "healing's time" (I discuss this in my book in detail). 
Healing's time is Divine time. We should never want to cut our healing short because if we do we lose essential growth opportunities. However, we must also be mindful not to stay stuck and suffer needlessly over our own suffering. Healing is about growth and growth is about movement so as you heal and nurture yourself, do it actively so there is movement forward involved. 
Everything outside of us that we are attached to is temporary so when there has been a loss do not get in denial about it. Accept it. It is real. I has happened and you must deal with it. I see so many people who resists this process. We must not resist, but allow ourselves to surrender. The good is ALWAYS on it's way so as you are healing and growing keep this in mind. The Universe has a need to fill up all empty spaces and if you are focused on loving yourself your empty spaces will be filled up with more love. If you are focused on resisting the Universe will not be on your side and your empty spaces will be filled up with more pain to give you the opportunity to surrender. Doesn't this make loving yourself and accepting the reality of your healing to be the best choice in the direction of improving your self worth? Accept and surrender.

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