Thursday, May 29, 2014

Your True Self Knows the Truth

Your True Self knows who you are. Your True Self knows your value, that you're connected with the Source of all creation. Your True Self knows that you are Love at the core of your being. This attitude of worthlessness is merely your False Self that you erected as a psychological defense to childhood abuse and neglect. 

This false self saved your ass and kept you sane as a child, but as an adult, it is no longer healthy. You've got to break through this barrier of lies, pain, false beliefs and get down to the wound, heal the wound through your presence and then your mind will untwist and you'll see your true essence on the other side. 


  1. I have been learning about that false self and the tools that i used to protect myself from the neglect and abuse i suffered as a child. I have carried these into my adulthood and you are right they dont work for me now. I just dont know how to change it , i am really struggling with healing.

    1. Keep pressing into healing... It will come if you keep working on yourself. Get connected with others who are going through the process. Counseling is excellent, if possible and books. Books, books, books and the Internet.

      I love Alice Miller, Drama of the Gifted Child, anything by Pia Melody, John Bradshaw and many others.

      I understand how hard it is, and I've been there, but I assure you--it is worth EVERY MOMENT of fight to get better. Do not give up.