Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You Have All Your Answers

"The answer is there waiting on you to ask the question." 
   ~ Jenna Ryan

This quote accurately describes my own healing journey. It all started with me asking questions. It was fascinating. Once I broke away from the mold of religion, and started relying on my own heart and intuition for guidance, I started asking questions. I kept asking and asking until the answer would surface. I found out that the understanding (answers) we need to complete our individuation are inside ourselves... and the data to answer the questions of our heart can come from anywhere, inside, outside, the universe. Everything is connected.

This is a quote that I made up and I use it all the time in groups and blog posts to explain the process of self reflection, insight and emotional healing. I've also used it in my web shows and videos to explain success and motivation principals. It's for people who are searching for the why behind their behavior...

It also shares my view on the responsibility of each individual person to go inside and turn on the light to consciously reflect and realize that there is a universe inside of each of us that holds all the answers, for those who dare to look beyond what they've been taught to know.

For example, if you have a problem in your life and you don't know the answer, then you need to ask yourself the right question. 

This quote is essentially about individuation.

This is also about predestination because sometimes the answers come from the universe. 

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