Friday, May 2, 2014

Kat Zaghi: Love Yourself First

If you can understand that you can NEVER make EVERYONE happy and not everyone will like you, accept you, or understand you-then you will save yourself a lot of time and effort trying to tip-toe around other peoples' expectations to please them by changing who you are to fit a molded image of who you think you should be.

This is simply a compromise and disrespect to self in order to feel accepted by others. If in your foundation of who you are, you accept everything about yourself-the good and the flaws, then you won't need the validation and acceptance of others to make you feel worthy, and there will be no need to hide any part of yourself because the judgments of others will have less power.

Also remember that as you achieve greatness, there will be people who will not want to see you succeed and rise and there is nothing you can do to control how people think of you, unless if you want to diminish your own greatness and stop shining. You can relieve yourself now, and let go of trying to control how others will perceive you.

If you know who you are, then what others think won't matter. Fully express and be proud of who you are today. Be comfortable under your own skin. We will never be perfect, and if you can just accept that, then you have already attained a level of freedom of 'just being.'

 -Kat Zaghi  

On Competition...

Competition does not exist, it is an illusion of the ego; it is a reflection of a lack within. You already have all you need within you, and there is enough room for everyone to succeed. If you feel the need to prove yourself or compete to feel alive, you are only validating not being good enough.

The only true approval that exists is the one you have for yourself, and true success emerges from the illumination of your authentic and unique creative expression of your truth. It is your thumbprint in this life- it cannot be copied or competed with, it is your one of a kind essence manifesting into form.

-Kat Zaghi

Be Happy Where You Are...

If you keep projecting where you should be in life you will never be happy with who you are now, and this can be a never ending cycle no matter how much you attain. It is important to congratulate yourself for the steps you have taken that has brought you to this moment in order to easily get to your next steps. 
Remember that at some level where you are now was once a goal of your past, so enjoy it and move forward with self-appreciation and gratitude. This attitude is what will effortlessly take you to the next level of living your dreams. Become motivated to move forward not from a place of lack but rather from abundance (what you have now) to a greater abundance.
-Kat Zaghi

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