Thursday, January 2, 2014

What is Respect?

What does it mean to be respected? It's more than just being honored and tended to. Respect is simple. I love Pia Melody's definition of respect:

Respect is allowing someone to be who they are without judging them or trying to change them into what you need them to be. ~ Pia Melody 

Respect is allowing another person to be who they are. Self Respect is honoring yourself, honoring your own truth and standing up for yourself, even when others don't like what you have to say or who you are. Self Respect is sticking to your own truth and not bending to be accepted or approved of by others. Respecting others involves letting them be who they are without judging them or requiring that they fit your ideals in order to get your approval or acceptance.

I love respect. It feels amazing. XO 

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