Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do Not Resuscitate

My sweet grandfather is in the hospital, my mom's dad. Death in my family is so weird. My family is super-realistic, cracking jokes even on their deathbed. There is no delusion. No praying for him to get well. We're praying for comfort, but he's adamant. DO NOT RESUSCITATE. Even his beloved wife who just adores him seems fully prepared for his passing. They bring up death in a matter-of-fact way, just like taking a shower. He's always been so stoic. So stern, quiet with little jibber-jabberish. He's always been very proud of my accomplishments, especially my entrepreneurial spirit. Mom and I are two of his closest blood relatives and we love him very much. The other night we visited him in the hospital. It was so touching. A man who never talked about God--ever, was telling us that he asked Jesus in his heart. We didn't ask him. He just told us. This hard-manly man began to cry there, so weak in his hospital bed. Mom and I standing at his side. It was epic. It was like this ordained moment. He said everything he needed to say. He was never very involved in my life, but he's always been my grandad and I would drop everything in a moment to be by his side. Now he's in the hospital and there is nothing I could do, but don't cry. When asked about his burial, he'll tell you, "Just bury me in my PJs." Mom and I intend to honor his requests. Love you GD, may peace and comfort surround you as you go through these difficult time. I love you more than words can say, and I'm grateful for your presence every day we have left. XO

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