Friday, January 3, 2014

Cultivate Wonderful Feelings

Your FEELINGS send energy out into the planet. Your FEELINGS are your vibration. Your FEELINGS are your waitress bringing you what you order.

People who believe they are worthless end up being worthless; those who believe they can do it are the only ones who can.

If you MUST obsess, then obsess on feeling good most of the time. Rid your mind of negative thoughts that make you feel badly.

You don't have to become a Super Thinker overnight. You can incrementally train yourself by choosing thoughts that are just a notch better..

Climb the Thought Ladder high into the sky to reach your potential. Choose a thought that makes you feel a tiny bit better than the last.

Catch your thoughts within 17 seconds. If it's a bad one, exchange it for a good one. You've got 17 seconds to turn it around.

Remember the jungle gym? That vertical ladder thing? Let the next rung be a thought that feels a little better than your last.

Choose the thoughts that FEEL GREAT to get to the next level.

 The way to spread your wings and fly is to spread your thoughts high. ~ dotJenna      

A Phoenix rises out of the ashes of defeat, into high places by overcoming negative thoughts and feelings...    

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