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Things Narcissists Do Tweet Recap

This was a very popular tweet string that I've consolidated into a post. Follow me on Twitter @dotjenna to get these and other great tweets that will help you recover from Narcissistic Abuse. I will add more as I go...

A Narcissist is someone who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This means that they are exploitative and can hurt you psychologically and emotionally if you get to close to them. People who take selfies may have narcissistic traits, but that does not make them narcissists, nor does it mean they have the disorder. Everyone has a measure of narcissism--that's healthy. It's the disordered individuals who have too much that we need to worry about.

There is the person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, then there is the malignant Narcissist that is completely sadistic. The worse type of person on this continuum is the psychopath and sociopath. The one thing that all these disordered people have in common is lack of empathy, and the way they use people as objects for narcissistic supply. 

ThingsNarcissistsDo: No empathy. Cannot understand why their bad treatment of you causes you pain, nor do they care if it does. [tweet this]

ThingsNarcissistsDo: Abuse you covertly by bringing up things subtly in conversation to make you doubt yourself. [tweet this]

If caught red handed in a lie, will say, "I never said that!" This is an abuse tactic called "Gas Lighting."

Abuse you, then accuse you of being the abuser. This makes you question your own experience of reality.  

Refuses to take responsibility for behavior, mistakes or how he/she hurts you. Blames you for being hurt.  

"Their entire focus is to convince everyone around them of their superiority in every aspect of life."  

Mimics your personality until you're trapped, ie: you have kids, you're partners... then shows true self.  

Uses introjection (mimcry) to ensnare his/her victim and trap into cycle of abuse.  

Believes his time more valuable than others.

Hangs around the biggest celebrity or person with highest social status at the party.  

Appropriates other people's experiences and accomplishments as his own.  

"Acts bored, disdainful, even angry, if he feels an intrusion on his precious time." Sam Vadkin  

Refuses to deal with issues; projects & blames others instead, starting with 3 yr olds.  

Just because someone takes "selfies," does not make them a narcissist. Only those who have no empathy & suck ur blood.  

Will get revenge on you, so watch out!  

Cover their asses by being amazing and saintly in order to gain your trust and get control of your heart.  

Agree with you when you're sad and putting yourself down.  

Rub it in with salt.  

Are more interested in how they look to others than long term things like quality relationships.  

Drop you like a hot potato once you're hooked on them.

Be amazing to you the whole time-super amazing--then when you're neck is on the guillotine, they pull the cord & laugh.  

Give you everything but the one thing you need from them in order to keep you waiting and dependent.  

Make promises, imply promises but never deliver.  

Will often times profess to be a Christian because they love to be things that seem innocent, sweet and good.  

If the child wants grilled cheese for lunch, they will say NO, you're having a hot dog.  

Puts condition on their love and acceptance.  

Goes after successful people who have a big heart, but also a weak area or insecurity that makes them vulnerable.  

Makes one of their children into a GOD, but still sucks the emotions, energy and blood out of that child.  

Puts their daughters in beauty pageants.  

Requires those who want their acceptance to feel only as they say they can feel.  

Cannot see people as individuals with equal rights and their own feelings.  

Has grandiose fantasies of amazing relationships & marvelous accomplishments that never existed.

Does not allow their children to have thoughts, ideas and/or feelings of their own.  

Complains that their 5 year old has "behavioral problems." (Yeah, right... they've got a blood-sucking parent!!!)  

Requires that you never criticize or disagree with them. If you cross them, you're toilet paper.  

Raises children who are codependent, needy and unaware of their own feelings.  

Pushes your buttons, then make you feel guilty for losing your composure.  

Plays favorites among their children.  

Competes with their daughter or son.  

Is incapable of empathizing with another person, thereby easily abusing without a conscience.  

Is excellent at getting people to think he/she can do no wrong while casting shadows on the one she's threatened by.  

Preys on weak people with low self esteem who are in desperate need of love--then takes advantage of that neediness.  

Treats one of their children worse than all the others. Projects their own ugliness on this poor outcast child.  

Treats one of their children as if they are GOD. Pampers one child and treats the rest like dog shit.  

Comes back around to suck you back in once you've gotten on with your life.  

Makes you feel like you're the most important thing in the world, then when you're all-in, dumps you cold.  

Abuses their children severely.  

Mimics you to flatter you in order to gain your trust and use you.  

Acts successful, intelligent, knowledgeable, but when he opens his mouth to say something, sounds like an imbecile.  

Does things to make you go nuts, then when you lose your cool, makes it look like you're the crazy one.  

Refuse to deal with issues that come up in your relationships. Glosses over slights when you try to bring it up.  

Play psychological games. Tactics such as withholding, ie: not returning phone calls, being intermittently available.  

Create triangles. Abuse you by proxy through a third party. This is Sadistic, Malignant SOB  


Treat they're children like their worthy only for their accomplishments.  

Hang around the top ranks; Presidents, Media, Hollywood, Pastors, Doctors--titles give the illusion of power.

Name drop in social settings, try to impress you about their friends for no other reason than to impress you.  

Feel necessary to get as many acronyms behind their name as possible to give the illusion of power.  

Brag about their abilities without commensurate accomplishments.  

The worst thing is thinking the best in someone, starting to trust the are real and then--FANGS, devaluation  

"Men promised her the world and secretly expected it from her." √Član Golomb, PhD  

Carelessly cut you and laugh while you're bleeding .  

A narcissist will try to associate with people in prominent positions to siphon power.  

Hanging outta the passengers side of his best friends' ride trying to hollar at me.  

A narcissist doesn't talk about narcissism. He/She usually is too self-involved to see it in others.  

A narcissist will treat you like you are royalty until he/she no longer needs you... Then you become used toilet paper.  

Narcissists LIE, LIE, LIE.  

The American Government is filled to the brim with people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  

Every day you encounter narcissists. They are the ones who hurt you & make you sad.  

Narcissists are everywhere. They may look great, they may look humble. They all will hurt you if you let them close.  

One way to test to see if a person is a narcissist--Do they consider your feelings?  

Narcissists create triangles, stir dissension & cause conflict to distract & gain power.  

Narcissist have no empathy. They don't care about your feelings, AT ALL. Only their own.  

A narcissist is like a zombie who doesn't care & doesn't love. It just wants to consume your emotional goodies.  

#1 way to know you're dealing with a narcissist is the disregard of your feelings. A real human can't do that.  

You know a Narcissist by #1 how they can't accept your feelings.  

Not all narcissists are like Obama. Some are more like Mother Theresa.  

The Narcissist cannot give unless he/she is trying to manipulate you to gain your trust.  

A narcissist will feign woundedness & insecurity just to get you to help & focus on them.  

A narcissist will pretend he/she doesn't think they are great, just so that you will keep telling them they are.  

If you want to get rid of a narcissist, just tell him/her what you need.  

A narcissist will project their doo doo on you and hate you for it.  

A narcissist will drop you the moment you assert a need.  

CANNOT GIVE, unless they're doing it to manipulate you into trusting them so they can gain power over you.  

Play mind-games. Call you every day for a week, then stop calling--makes you think you did something wrong.  

Always wanting to get you off track & onto their agenda. Use psychological games to gain power over you.  

They do not love, they only ENVY.  

Act like you're the greatest thing in the world until you believe them; then drop you like you're trailer trash.  

No empathy. Cannot understand why their bad treatment of you causes you pain, nor do they care if it does.  

Devalue you. Get close to you, act like they care, then leave you standing in the cold.  

Surrounds themselves with a circle of fawns who praise their every deed.  

Suddenly disappear, change the subject or get grumpy when you assert a need of your own.  

Will only be charming, nice, considerate when you have something they want.  

Will not own up to mistakes. Blames someone else.  

Secretly enjoy seeing you in emotional pain and confusion. #ThingsNarcissistsDo

Get self esteem by diminishing yours. #ThingsNarcissistsDo

Avoid you when you do something praise-worthy. #ThingsNarcissistsDo

Withdraw as a way to maintain the power in the relationship. #ThingsNarcissistsDo

Act like the perfect mother, father or family in public, then behind closed doors rage and abuse their children.

More concerned about power and control than equal relating and meaningful connection.

Surround themselves with people who will fawn over them, like who they like, hate who they hate.

Play dumb. Pretend they don't know how to function in life so that you can help them suck the blood out of you.

Create triangles. Pit friends against each other.

Seem really cool from afar, but get up close and find that they are empty and souless as a Barbie Doll.

Actually believe cheap flattery. They're very easy to control with flattery that a normal person would recognize.   

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