Thursday, January 9, 2014

Staying in The Zone

We all have a "ZONE" where we feel our best. It's that time when you feel like can accomplish anything. When you feel your best. You got it going on. You are the schnizzle in those moments. Know what I'm talking about??? Why does it have to be so fleeting???

It is possible to cultivate that ZONE at any time of your life, both good times and bad. It takes discipline. It takes thought stopping. It takes meditation. It takes visualization. It takes effort to stay in the ZONE, but the effort pays off.

Most people are lazy in their thoughts. We often just take on whatever is coming at us. If people are nice and we're making sales, we're happy. If a guy yells at you on the road and you have a flat tire, you're in a terrible mood. You're all topsy-turvy, at the mercy of outside circumstances. That which you do control, your thoughts (and emotions) are left to things you cannot control.

What if you trained your mind to stay loaded in the ZONE at all times??? What if you were "On" with your A Game 24 / 7? You would be able to achieve more satisfaction in your life. Obstacles would dissolve and you could scale new heights.

Focus on keeping in the ZONE and staying out of the gutter.

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