Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Winning Feeling

Your mind can't tell the difference between imagination and reality. Visualizing that you're winning in every area programs your mind to win. Getting into the ZONE and staying in the ZONE as much as possible day and night is an ideal goal for living a happier life, and completely within your grasp.

This ZONE is nothing more than a place where you FEEL GOOD. It's a place where YOU WIN. The ZONE is the place where you have that WINNING FEELING. 

You can program your mind to experience that WINNING FEELING every day of your life, and overcome every obstacle with ease. In fact, if you wish to get ahead in any area of your life, you MUST cultivate a higher, more positive mindset, which includes beliefs, thoughts, emotions which lead to positive action. 

I've been learning by listening to Abraham Hicks, that when you FEEL GOOD you attract more situations into your life that feel good. You are a vibrational being. The energy that you give off is what you get back, every time. If you feel that you are a winner, you will win naturally. If you feel depressed and unworthy, you will fail naturally. There is no way around it. You must cultivate a higher vibration, that is a higher level of feelings if you want to pull yourself up from the feelings of unworthiness to that of a capable human being who wins at everything you do.

Biofeedback research on athletes tells us that their brain cannot tell the difference between actually playing a winning game or imagining they are winning  game.

6 Steps to Creating that Winning Feeling 

1. Recall previous experiences of having that winning feeling.

It doesn't matter how small the winning feeling was. Keep a journal entry of every winning feeling you encounter. Keep notes of when you were blissfully happy, winning in your life. This may just be a passing moment, or it may be a huge victory. Keep these thoughts and especially FEELINGS at the forefront of your mind every day. Those feelings need to be cultivated all the time in your life. Stay in the ZONE

2. Apply that feeling to the present moment or some future activity.
3. Suppose it will happen.
4. Use negative emotion as a challenge & substitute negative emotion for positive.
Program your mind (like Pavlov's dogs) to associate a negative feeling with a positive one.  Your mind is like a computer. If you provide it with a different program, it will execute a different routine.


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